Friday, 17 July 2015

Visualising interiors with Apollo Blinds new Design Space tool

A friend on Facebook recently painted a room what she thought would be a lovely neutral stone colour but once it was finished, the shade looked more bright yellow, which she was not happy with at all and it was soon to be repainted. I have done it myself in the past, painting a feature wall a lovely apple green, only it wasn't, it looked more lime and completely wrong for the colour scheme. The same can be applied to window dressing, how do you know if the blinds you are buying will be the right ones for the look you are trying to achieve?

Fortunately, there is a solution to this with Apollo Blinds who have a new free online visualisation tool - Design Space.
Apollo Blinds visualisation tool Design Space

What the tool allows you to do is select from the different blinds available - Venetian, roller, pleated and vertical blinds, select the colour that you want and then from a choice of room settings, you can visualise what the room with new window dressings will look like.

Additionally, the tool allows you to change the colour of the wall decor and accessories so you can really get a feel for your ideas before purchasing your blinds. Many people have a tendency to play it safe and stick with their usual colours but Design Space allows you to experiment and look at other colours or patterns. There is no denying that I love colour in my home so this is a great tool for pushing interior design boundaries and creating the room you really desire.

Step by step using the Apollo Blinds Design Space
Apollo Blinds Design Space

1. Choose the room you want to visualise - there are plenty of options; classic dining room, modern bedroom, conservatory, children's room etc..

2. Select your Apollo blind from the great selection.

3. Choose the windows you want the blinds at, you can choose all or just individual ones.

4. Play around with the colours and patterns of the blinds and the wall/accessories colour.
Apollo Blinds Design tool

A colourful kitchen design
5. You can save your room design to favourites or download as a PDF showing your choice of blinds and colour. Use it to order a sample or to go to the shop or speak to a helpful Apollo Blinds consultant about your desired new look blinds. 

The tool enables you to really experiment with the interiors design that you want, trying out a few options before committing. Perhaps trying to win over a partner with a new colour scheme or just reassuring yourself. There is no need any more to be unsatisfied with a colour scheme you have chosen, try it on in the Design Space first and make decorating mistakes a thing of the past. Be brave and add some colour. I've done this in my home and it's made my home feel cheerful and unique to me.

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Ness said...

There are some fantastic floral displays in London at the moment. I think it often surprises visitors that there is so much colour about.

Gretta Schifano said...

I love London too. Your pictures are great - I like the one of the cabman's shelter.

Catherine Hughes said...

Ah how brilliant to see some garden inspiration from our capital - I'm guilty of thinking London is mostly grey but of course it isn't! I love the second shot with the containers either side of the beautiful door, the symmetry of the pots against the non-symmetry of the trees and shrubs on each side just works.

Emma said...

wow beautiful pictures, what a lovely surprise to find these in london.

Michelle Ordever said...

London is where I was born and bred - I love it there. I need to make more of an effort to go back more often and go on photowalks. These pictures are just beautiful xx

chickenruby said...

Gorgeous photos and it's wonderful where you find nature just by looking

Jess Howliston said...

These are lovely photos! When I think London I think the hustle and bustle of the city but these pictures just proves thats not all London has to offer! x

Kara said...

Stunning flowers - I wanted to go to Covent Garden last weekend but we made a wrong turn

Beautyqueenuk said...

I always look at that flower stall in Covent Garden when I am there, the scent is just divine x

Helen said...

You have taken some stunning pictures!! Flowers just make me so happy! Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)

Oana79 said...

Beautiful photos, Sam and indeed, what's not to love when it comes to London!xx

sonya said...

Fab pics, I adore London and really enjoyed your 'different from the usual tourist snaps' photographs. So much to see.

Chez Mummy said...

As a hardened London commuter it can be difficult sometimes to find the positives to our capital city. Having said that, I particularly like your Bloomsbury photo.

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