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Open Up Your Space With Internal Room Dividers

It’s great to live in open plan modern homes, or large old character ones with large rooms and plenty of space; however, this does have a few drawbacks. Very often we need to divide up the room. For instance, when we are entertaining the larger area may be perfect but when we are back to family time, smaller individual rooms may be the order of the day.

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Get the best of both worlds

If you do not already have internal room dividers in-situ, then give them some thought. With beautifully crafted bi-fold sliding doors in place, you are in control of your home space. Of course you also have the added benefit that bi-fold doors do not need to open outwards, which can be a bind when it comes to room planning and furniture. You can have sofas, tables and other items alongside the doors, knowing that they will slide open and closed without the need for additional space to manoeuvre.

Choose your style and size

Today’s bi-folds come in a range of styles, sizes and colour options. You can also choose from a variety of frame widths and opening options. If you go for a classic such as unfinished oak, you then have the choice of keeping the natural look and staining the wood or painting to match your internal décor.

Here are just a few examples of internal room dividing bi-folds that you may wish to check out:-

  • Flat folding doors – this is one of the simplest designs which is utterly flexible in its classic good looks. The doors fold flat and come fully glazed, thereby allowing the maximum amount of light to flood into the room even when the doors are closed.
  • Three pane folding sliding doors – these also give a great contemporary look and can be fitted with or without a track at the bottom. Choose from a width from 6ft up to 10ft to suit any size and shape of room.
  • Four pane folding sliding doors – the same style as the three panes but with four glass pane internal doors to form your room divider. Choose the width to suit you and your space.

Of course, room dividers do not have to be limited to ground floor use. How about having a division between your bedroom and dressing room or even the en-suite? They allow a great degree of privacy whilst at the same time being totally flexible and adaptable.

Bi-fold internal room dividers also help conserve heat and energy. In the warmer months leave them open to make the most of the light and the sunshine. Come the winter, slide them shut and reduce the amount of space that you are having to heat. They keep the heat in and the cold out.  If you want added privacy, you can add optional blinds or drapes which will give a softer more decorative look.

Home and office
Many of us now work from home and this is where internal room dividers really excel.  Use an appropriate size to shut off your workspace when you want to relax. It really does make it easier to chill out and forget about work when your desk, computer and phone are safely hidden and out of harm’s way.

Commercially these room dividers are also fabulous. If you have a boardroom where the directors need to meet occasionally for private and somewhat sensitive talks to discuss confidential issues, then what better than a screen of internal room dividers? They can be closed according to need. When meetings are not in place, simply slide the doors open and make the use of the maximum amount of space to showcase products or hold displays for visiting clients.

Bi-fold internal room dividers don’t just look good, they are incredibly practical, energy saving and require little maintenance once they have been installed and fitted by experts. Take a look at some room dividers now and see what a difference you can make to your living and working space.

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