Monday, 7 June 2010

Finding Time

I am really trying to get organised with this but Little Bird is just 5 months old and takes up a lot of time, not that I mind but it's very hard to concentrate and do things because he is so demanding. It's my time when he is in bo bo's.

I'm very excited at the moment as I have an area at a local antiques centre to sell my bits and pieces that I have collected. Early days yet but it gives me something to focus on since I was made redundant last year. I really want to be able to look after Little Bird but earn bird seed pennies too. My last job was a full on career but to quite honest I'm glad I'm out as the atmosphere stifled me and there was no creative vent at all.

Weekend just gone Mr Bird, Little Bird and myself went to the
Discover Vintage fair at the Victoria Baths in Manchester. So many lovely things......I wanted to take pictures but was to shy but we loved snapping areas of this gorgeous building.


Gorgeous green glazed tiles

Cast iron changing cubicles!


After this we stopped off at a gem of a park with the cutest cafe where we had coffee and muffins and Little Bird woke up for a brief scream -he's always a bit grumpy at first. The interior of the cafe was devine and I wish my front room could have these gorgeous stained glass windows.





It was just a quick stop as all food related occasions tend to be quick at the moment as Little Bird likes to keep moving and we don't want to scare off other customers with his very loud whailing! Further on the walk was this bench, very gothic don't you think?


More on my new venture next time and some piccies of my finds.... oh & some scarecrow news too.