Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday Snap: The Dome of Home

Dome of Home New Brighton A majestic Roman Catholic church at New Brighton on the Wirral. We were visiting the area and had been to Birkenhead and New Brighton on a lovely sunny day. A quick look on the map showed the church of Saint Peter, Paul and Philomena to be a place to visit and of historical importance. 
Interior of the Dome of HomeWhat is of interest is the green copper dome seen on the Wirral skyline that is over 100ft high. During the Second World War, the dome was a sight to behold for the sailors returning from the Atlantic across Liverpool Bay- once they saw it they knew they were safe from U-boat attack. So it became known as the Dome of Home

Inside is a glory filled feast for the eyes too with Corinthian columns, marble, gold gilt and carvings plus a look up into the dome itself.

How wonderful a feeling it must have been to see its gleaming dome on that return voyage.
Dome of Home View out to sea
Sunday Snap


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