Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas trees at the forest train station

Delamere Forest train station Christmas trees for sale CheshireBy Delamere Forest is a vintage train station, still on a working line so you can get the train right into the heart of the grand fir trees, a place of natural beauty on my dorrstep. The old station building is a cafe serving all sorts from hot chocolates to sandwiches and it's unbelievably cute with old signs and at this time of year even better for Christmas trees are sold here. 

Propped up against vintage red telephone boxes and old lampposts are all types of firs and pines. The beautiful fresh balsam scent of trees stacked by rusting signs and nostalgic adverts. Red ribboned wreaths and kissing boughs were being made whilst a little festive tune tinkled merrily in the cold air. We had hot chocolates with snowy whipped cream on top and walked around breathing Christmas in.
Christmas trees and a red telephone box fir trees The Station House Delamere Forest railway Delamere vintage look station looking at Christmas trees making holly wreaths vintage train station choosing a tree


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