Thursday, 16 July 2015

London Flora

Covent Garden
Covent Garden
I was back in London, walking around on a muggy day, a little bit nervous as I was on my own but lifted on my own little love cloud as I looked around. I love London. My heart beats faster at just the word. L-O-N-D-O-N. Say it slowly and maybe my stay can be extended. And when I see all the little green spaces around the city, I might have even squealed.....

From the canal to grand street, I walked and took it all in. Wondering who lives behind the pretty door, who sits there watching the world with a glass of wine, do the people sat on the grass, laughing there in the park live near or are they day-tripping like me too.....

London House
House near Little Venice
Regents canal garden
Gardens along Regent' Canal
Regents Canal London
Spot the cow?
 a little canal garden
Oh to sit here and watch the boats
garden Regents Canal
A hint of Italy of course
London pretty flowers
Russell Square
A Cabman's Shelter at Russell Square
 Russell Square in summer
Russell Square Gardens
The Elephants Head Pub London
So many pubs in London with colourful hanging baskets
Borough Market flower stall
Borough Market

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Mammasaurus said...

The big smoke! I still get as excited going into London as I did as a teenager, such is the way I suppose for so many of us non-Londoners. I am loving these photos, I almost feel as if I have been for a walk with you.
I see the cow I see the cow! Well I do now, at first I was looking in the photo underneath - like a numpty!
Thanks for sharing some Summer from the city x

Merlinda Little said...

Aww all your photos are so pretty! Havent been there in a while and i need to sort out something! I wish I can go to see these beauties! #hdygg

Kriss MacDonald said...

You've reminded me how beautiful London can be in the summer. I was always a London girl but since turning into a country nature lover I've forgotten the nature gems and beauties you can see all over the city. Love this.

lilmuselily said...

i have never been but plan on visiting one day. looks like a great time on your own

Jean said...

Haha it took me a while to see the cow! Lovely photo journey, thanks for sharing x

MummyVsWork said...

It looks so pretty! Shows a different side to such a busy city :)

Erika said...

What a lovely post about the side of London we seldom see. I love your pictures and your view of London! Well done for being brave, I couldn't walk around London now on my own.

JuggleMumBlog said...

I also love wandering around London - it's a real treat if I am there and have time to spare to just potter round and look at things

Jen Walshaw said...

I love it when I have time to petter around, most of the time I am whizzing through London on a deadline!

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