Monday, 30 April 2012

Rhubarb Patch Ponderings

Allotment in the Springtime Allotment Scene Springtime Allotment Scenes Spring Soft Fruit Bushes Rhubarb Flowering Strawberry Plant Allotment Life Spring Allotment Junk Peek in Greehhouse Allotments View Inside the Allotment Shed Daffodils in Wheelbarrow Allotment Sign Old Watering Can
Considering that my father has an allotment plot and I do too although 15 miles away, we don't not really talk about it much. It's funny how I supposed this common interest might have brought us closer together but it didn't and such is life. Perhaps we both just aren't great talkers.

However, from time to time we will discuss the plots and I'll take a trip to his for a nosy around. Allotments are places of great beauty to me - the juxtaposition of junk with the fresh greens of fruit and vegetables. Junk interests me - rusting, forgotten, broken yet pretty.

Recently dad's plot has acquired smart new benches that a local pub were chucking out. I like this - reusing and recycling.

Each year, the plot holders sell their plentiful rhubarb on the roadside for allotment committee funds. I love this - homegrown, involving the local community and money towards the annual plot holders BBQ and bonfire - something I wish my allotment did! If you have an allotment, is it a social one? I admit that I read too much about wonderful allotment camaraderie before having one but mostly I have found it a solitary pursuit. Again, such is life. Perhaps my expectation was swayed by allotment stories on television and in books where friends are gained and flasks of tea shared whilst pondering life by the asparagus bed. On my allotments, people do say hello but mostly whizz past and head down..... maybe we are all just so busy.....

I have suggested to my allotment committee having a summer BBQ or an open day but unfortunately they were not interested. What a shame. Do you have one of these amazing allotments where everybody shares cake and coffee or are they few and far between? 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Run Horsey Run

Rosette :: Trot trot trot to the Shire Horse Centre on a toddler learning expedition
:: Little Bird loves playing with his farm animals so an ideal day out to encourage the little man to get excited about communication. Lots of animal noises for mummy to make & to look mad as a hatter in the process to the other visitors.
Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre Shire Horse
:: Neigh!
Shire Horse Foal :: Cute foals with curly tails having milk from their mum or just lazing & playing about.Tractor Tracks :: Chug chug tractor
Holding Mummy's hand Mummy's New Ted Baker Bag :: My great new bag that fits all my toddler stuff and camera in.Shire Horse Trotting Wool on Fence :: Baa!Plant Pots :: Down to the lake for quack quacks.April Boat Through the keyhole :: The centre has lots of other animals too, otters, foxes, owls...... and a big barn with all their colourful rosettes displayed where you can learn more about the horses. 
Rosette Wall Old Wagon Wheel Horse Rosette Shire Horse Stables Piglets :: Cheeky piglets oink oink in the farmyard where Little Bird watched some little girls running after them squealing but preferred the sanctuary of his pushchair.Stable Yard Stable Door Family Feet Barn Window Horse Scratching Quack Smoke :: The owner Alistair gave such an interesting talk all about the history of the horses and of his passion for the breed. Both my grandfathers had worked with the Shire horse, one in haulage and the other on the railways just before the 2nd World War. In fact the breed almost became extinct in the 50's as they were no longer used for such purposes.
Hooks Piggy Brown Shire Horse
:: It was an absolute joy to see my little boy running around the farm and nature trail so free spirited and have a few greedy hens chase him for food. He loves the outdoors and his muddy knees made me very happy.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Cheer

Vintage Easter Chick Egg
Easter Nest Treats
Waiting for the Easter Bunny
Easter Lantern
Yellow Easter Lantern
Easter Bunny
Easter boiled eggs
Easter Table
:: Easter was quiet - family visits, tidying the house and doing puzzles with Little Bird
:: I think I'll keep the Easter decorations up for another week for their cheeriness
:: Peter Rabbit plates and egg cups that were mine as a little girl
:: (50p charity shop) jam pot filled with garden flowers - hooray for cheap prettiness
:: Too much chocolate
:: Too much rainfall  :(
:: Potatoes planted at the allotment so the rainfall was good for them

Hope you all had a great Easter xx