Friday, 2 March 2018

Piggy squeaks and cold tea

Winter morning dawdling in the warmth, some fairy lights around the mirror, cup of tea and two pups snuggling, one by my toes and one by my nose. Outside there is little snow, just dancing crystal puffs blowing about and every so often being scared into a frenzy by the passing bus. I light candles in the window for this daily commute, perhaps a way of passing on a smile and a quick hello by light.

Soon enough the snoozing pups start their daily battle and the room is filled with squeaky pig and friendly growls, a waggy tail sticks in the air ready to pounce and velvety bellies wriggle this way and that. The last part of my tea is now as cold as winter goldfish glazed pond water and I quickly grab a blanket, wrap it around myself and mirror the skipping snowflakes at the kitchen window. Two fluffy scruffs bound after me (pigless and squeakless) and the kettle goes on ready for the second cup.