Thursday, 2 July 2015

Two little gardens by the promenade

pink summer houseFollowing on from last week and the secret garden I found in London, this week I was ambling along on The Wirral Peninsula when I came across two public gardens tucked away behind the promenade at West Kirby. 

Allotment life: growing in polytunnels

July is full of lush growth at my allotment, the potatoes are happily growing away and we have had a first crop of early spuds, summer fruits are ripening, the tomato plants are looking healthy and the pumpkin vines are starting to sprawl across the soil and will soon take over. The French beans seem a bit behind and sadly a couple of my broad beans have been decimated by blackfly. Every year you learn a little bit more and make changes and think of new ways to improve your crops.
Allotment in July The weather is great now but a few weeks ago it was pretty cool and wet, I wondered if my tomatoes would grow at all. British weather is very unpredictable and we have a relatively short growing season. One way to overcome this is with a polytunnel and every fruit and vegetable grower should look at having one for extending productivity and ensuring a bumper harvest. They make them in so many sizes that even if you have a small space, there are mini ones available.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Open Up Your Space With Internal Room Dividers

It’s great to live in open plan modern homes, or large old character ones with large rooms and plenty of space; however, this does have a few drawbacks. Very often we need to divide up the room. For instance, when we are entertaining the larger area may be perfect but when we are back to family time, smaller individual rooms may be the order of the day.

Image courtesy of Vufold

Botanical inspiration for your home

All of a sudden the garden is in full bloom and all the flower shows are  taking place , this week it is RHS Hampton Court Palace providing inspiration. I love a botanical print and quite often find them in charity shops or even some free postcards at one of the horticultural events. Pinks and purples of fragrant sweet peas or tea roses intermingled with cool and fresh greens of ferns or herbs but how can this be used in home decor?

Bring a few flowers and greenery in out of the garden, place in vases or jars. My allotment plot neighbour has told me to cut as many as his sweet peas as I like as the more you cut, the more flowers you get. The smell is divine and fills the room. I do like having cut flowers on the mantlepiece or on the dresser as it gives a very seasonal look. Add pot plants like ferns, on a book shelf or be inventive and add violets to old vintage china tea cups or have tiny air plants suspended in glass balls.
Botanical fern room
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