Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A Halloween Invitation

What better way to welcome in the spookiest month of the year, a time for russets and golds and orange. A time for pumpkins and warty gourds but most of all Halloween and the regular party that you are invited to over at A Fanciful Twist.........

Are you joining in?

Halloween Party

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Lego Movie Review

My son has been a little bit poorly recently, so when the Lego Movie popped through the door thanks to Suppose, we were grateful to have something to occupy him with. With blankets and treats we cuddled up to watch the film that I had heard so much about.

The story centres around Emmet, just an average Lego construction worker who find himself in the position of saving the Lego universe from the evil Lord Business. Of course Emmet is a bumbling, haphazard character and no usual super hero so the story is of course full of funny scenes and plenty of jokes.

After meeting the sassy Wyldstyle and being mistakenly identified as the Lego to save everything, he starts on a quest meeting super heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the old wizard Vitruvius and a whole host of Lego favourites. Together they all hatch a plan to gain the 'Kragle' - a super weapon from Lord Business. Of course it doesn't go all that easy and Emmet finds himself on a mission to stop Lord Business from gluing all the Universe together.

The film has a very catchy song that the kids will be singing for ages afterwards although it did start to grate on me after awhile - only bad point. It is a great family film with an easy to follow plot that will keep both children and adults alike hooked.

We liked the scenes in the 'Wild West with the  funny stereotypical Cowboy movie scenes - person playing piano, hush as strangers walk in, the customary bar fight. All very funny.

I absolutely love the UniKitty character and my son of course liked Emmet. Daddy loved seeing the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars  after always longing for a Lego version of this spaceship as a young boy.

It is a real good spin to bring the real-life characters in towards the end and the Dad who is unhappy with his son as he's been playing with "Dad's lego" which is "not a toy"! You have to watch it, I do not want to give too much away but it is a great film for a rainy weekend and you will all enjoy it. 

**Disclosure: We were sent the film free of charge for the purpose of the review by Suppose.**

St Dogmaels and Poppit Sands - relics and markets

St Dogmaels mosaic St Dogmaels in Pembrokeshire, a little village by the river Teifi close to the coast of Cardigan Bay. Pretty coloured houses meet the ruins of an abbey and there is a real local charm to the place. This charm is particularly evident on a Tuesday when the Local Producers Fair is held between the Mill Pond and St Dogmaels Abbey.St Dogmaels Map St Dogmaels Mill Pond with musical accompaniment We were treated to all sorts of ducks entertaining us along side a gent playing the saxophone. One of those special moment of a holiday, little touches that warm your soul. St Dogmaels local producers market Cheeses, flowers, cakes....all sorts of tasty goodies and pretty delights. The dogs were happy with their homemade, natural biscuits.  natural dog treats  pretty Welsh sign St Dogmaels Abbey We had a walk around the ruins of St Dogmaels Abbey which was so atmospheric and you could just close your eyes and easily imagine the Tironian monks going about their business. It's free too and dogs are allowed on leads. old pathway Grave stones laid against the wall between the Abbey and the Parish Church of St Thomas. St Dogmaels church cemetary St Dogmaels Church St Thomas's Pembrokeshire Do not climb the walls Beautiful blue buildings - the old Bethsaida Chapel now renovated into a home and the building next door that I'm unsure about - is it perhaps an old school house...?St Dogmaels chapel Bethsaida The dogs jump back in the car and we tootle off up the road to Poppit Sands with its extensive sand dunes and wide expanse of sand. dogs travel harness Everyone had a run around and even in a rain shower this did not deter us. All that space. Plus there's a cafe by the car park where a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate will warm you up. Poppit Sands Poppit Sands Pembrokeshire

Friday, 26 September 2014

A dream bathroom

Pink sink image from Shutterstock

After a busy day a soak in a bath tub is probably the best stress release although for me a shower is my preference. Washing the worries of the day away, unwinding with a home spa treatment. Perfect me time for a bathing beauty.

However, if your bathroom is looking as tired as you are then it is going to make you more stressed. Bathing in an dated avocado tub looking at peeling mouldy sealer and dated tiles or showering in a grimy old enclosure is not the best. When it is time to change your suite there are some amazing bathrooms to draw inspiration from.

Personally I love boutique hotel style bathrooms, very chic and simplistic. A white suite to make the room feel light and airy and some luxurious touches such as fluffy towels and scented candles. Rectangular sinks and shiny chrome taps. View the Mira taps collection and you will find some great fixtures, well thought out designs with hard angles for the contemporary look but softened corners for the family friendly bathroom.

As soon as I go to the bathroom my son toddles after me so it is important that the room is also suitable for him. He loves his bath-time and the space is very much for him too as much as I long for some relaxation. A huge bath is great for kids and some fun elements incorporating a seaside feel are in our bathroom. I adore accessories, the quirkier the better  - metal signs, wooden fish and seashells. We collected some shells on our recent holiday in Wales and these are now decorating a small bathroom shelf.

The beautiful timeless appeal of rolltop baths also appeals to me. I sway between modern and vintage - it would be hard to choose. Period-style is very popular and sometimes, as in my case having a Victorian house, it is better to be sympathetic to that era. A classic rolltop would certainly make an elegant statement. I would have a huge ornate Rococo mirror to reflect light back into the room, white Metro tiles and gorgeous white and grey cotton towels sat in bales in recessed shelves. 

But, most of all I long for a spacious walk-in shower cubicle with a glass screen to make the room feel bigger. A glossy, sparkling area with a power shower. Bliss. Perhaps the tiles would have a hint of glitter in them for a glamorous feel. In a magazine recently I saw a chandelier style light in the bathroom and for pure indulgence I would absolutely buy it if my bathroom were bigger. 

Then of course, some fancy toiletries would complete the look: posh hand soaps and bottles of bubble bath, lotions and cosmetics. Nothing like a pamper, if only I got the chance too.  If you have children do you have any good ideas for storing bath toys? We have that many rubber ducks, boats and toy sea creatures as my bath area is taken over by these...... :) 

How would you transform your bathroom? Do you like modern or period style? 

**This was a collaborative post with Mira Showers **