Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Playing gooseberry

A goosegog at my allotment
The gooseberries at my allotment are fattening up, ready for mid-June gooseberry picking for fools, crumbles, tart and sour. Making jams, jellies, pies, chutneys, ice cream and wines. Quite a versatile fruit really.

With plenty of folklore and sayings:
'born under a gooseberry bush' - where your mum told you, you were born
'playing gooseberry',  - being the spare part to a couple
'going gooseberry'  - stealing clothes off a washing line!
'great gooseberry season' - when there not much news to report in the papers

On the Isle of Wight, there is a fairy called the Gooseberry Wife who appears as a woolly caterpillar and guards the fruits.

Also called a goosegog in some parts.

In a quaint Cheshire village, close to me - Goostrey, is the annual gooseberry championships where growers battle it out for the heaviest gooseberry. How they get them so plump is a guarded secret and each grower has his own mysterious concoction that they are fed with.

 The Photo Gallery theme is macro this week. 

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

The Alphabet Project: T is for Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Tweedledum and Tweedledee badges
They agreed to have a battle until the monstrous crow swooped in.

The famous illustrations of the Tweedle brothers by John Tenniel on a badge collection at a little Alice in Wonderland gem of a place I found in the Cheshire countryside (story to follow soon)

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

MyPhotoSchool's Introduction to Wildlife Photography Course

Since I started blogging my love of photography has increased every year. I try and learn more and more about how to take a decent shot and learn more about my camera. At this moment it is a Canon bridge camera with plans to purchase a DSLR later this year.

One of my favourite photography subjects are animals, large ones, small ones, tiny ones. Pets, zoo animals, creatures under rocks in the garden or buzzing from flower to flower at the allotment. Trying to get as close as possible for a macro picture or creeping up on a butterfly before it flies away - all good fun but I wanted to know more.

The MyPhotoSchool Introduction to Wildlife Photography Course can help you with the insights required to capture a great nature shot. Over 4 weeks, industry professional Heather Angel covers all aspects to help you improve and learn the techniques that will provide the most assistance in becoming an improved wildlife photographer.

Summertime Interior Designs

I know that spring is the time of year when I like to get sprucing up at home with a makeover or two. However, it is in the summer that I tend to sit back and think about the ways in which I'd really like to redesign on a grander scale. Okay, so not every idea that I have designs on sees it to fruition, but there is something about the summer which gets those creative juices flowing. If you are anything like me, then it is the feeling of everything being easier and more relaxed outside in the summertime which you want to bring indoors and incorporate as part of the home's d├ęcor.