Tuesday, 17 April 2018

10 benefits of vintage furniture

benefits of vintage furniture

These days we’re drawn to modern convenience, but what are the benefits of going down a more traditional interior design route?

For a long time, vintage furniture has been overlooked in favour of modern alternatives like flatpack, easy-to-assemble seating and surfaces. But it seems like the popularity of vintage and antique décor is starting to rise once more, as these beautiful furniture options begin to get the recognition they deserve.

So why is it that we can’t seem to ever truly let go of our desire for vintage décor in our homes? There are plenty of benefits for going down the antique route, so we’ve decided to put them all in one place to show you why vintage never goes out of style! Here are ten key benefits to filling your home with vintage furniture.

Vintage Ercol Daybed
Image source Vinterior

Your furniture tells a story

When you invest in vintage furniture, you’re buying into a long and rich history just waiting to be discovered. Who knows what events that wardrobe or sideboard has seen? Who else has sat in this exact chair, eating at this exact dining table? There are hundreds of stories to be discovered with every item of vintage furniture, and that is one of the most exciting things about such an investment.

Furnishing your homes with antique furniture and décor is a great way to spark up a conversation when you have guests over to visit. These items remind us of long gone eras which are endlessly fascinating, giving us a world of conversation and speculation to enjoy and discuss. 

You are opting for quality

Vintage furniture is, as a rule, very well made. These are items which have been lovingly crafted as a one-of-a-kind treasure which stands the test of time, and if it has lasted this long then it’s pretty much guaranteed to stand sturdily in your home for many years to come.

The other aspect of vintage furniture that makes it stand the test of time is the fact that imperfections and wear can be embraced. Unlike more modern alternatives — where a mug ring or a scuff mark is often thought to be nothing short of a disaster — the scuffs and scrapes we find on vintage furniture can be enjoyed as signs of its long and fascinating life up until this point. 
Vintage French double door Louis XV armoire
Image source: Vinterior

There is a lot of choice out there

Vintage doesn’t have to just mean one thing. It could mean a Victorian item with all the bells and whistles, or a 1920s art deco statement piece. History is an expansive and diverse subject, and with so many items from so many eras there is bound to be an item of vintage furniture which fits perfectly into your home. 

Vintage is a green option

Opting for vintage furniture is a delightful way to treat your home and do your bit for the environment. By their very nature, antiques are recycled and reused time and time again. They are built to last and to thrive, meaning they won’t need replacing any time soon.

So by purchasing a piece of vintage furniture, you are carrying on the life cycle of an item with a long and (perhaps) illustrious history. 

You can create contrast

You might think that the option of vintage furniture is off the table unless your home itself is old and grand, but this simply isn’t the case. Contrast is always a good thing when it comes to interior design, because it makes people sit up and take notice of the effort you’ve put into decorating your home. So even the most contemporary space can benefit from a touch of something more traditional.

Antique furniture brings its own energy and personality to any part of your home, with a unique design and texture you can play off in the rest of your décor. Choosing furniture from various periods of time will allow your items to balance each other, coming together to create something interesting, fun and truly original. 
Mid century bureau desk
Image source: Vinterior

Vintage pieces are above trends

Vintage furniture may be less likely to be the trendiest item on the market, but these pieces are also unlikely to go completely out of fashion too. There is a reason why vintage furniture has lasted so long — it is always welcome and showcases the very best of design from a particular era. Vintage furniture is by definition a classic, meaning you can never really go wrong with it.

So when you invest in a piece of vintage furniture, you never have to worry about updating your décor in a few years’ time to fall in line with current trends. A stylish, stunning piece of furniture with a long history behind it is always a fashionable choice. Just be sure to source your furniture from trusted and experienced marketplaces like Vinterior

They will increase in value

They say that when you buy a new car, the value starts to decrease as soon as you take it off the forecourt. The same rule can be applied to new furniture. As soon as you get it home and start to actually use your new dining table or armchair, the value begins to fall rapidly. But this isn’t the case when you decide to go vintage.

Antique furniture is a good decision when investing for the long haul. Vintage furniture which is well-cared for can even increase in value as time goes on and it gets older, meaning if you do decide to sell it on you may be looking at a tidy profit.
They are also surprisingly cost effective

One thing which often puts people off investing in vintage furniture is the perception that it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. But you may be surprised to learn that, more often than not, going vintage can be an extremely cost effective decision to make.

While the rise of big brands has led to firm favourites for new furniture increasing their prices (like IKEA’s infamous price hike in late 2017), you can take advantage of the situation by snapping up some stunning antique items for less than you might have thought. 

Pine Table
Image source: Vinterior

You are making a statement

Having one or two vintage items will help them act as centrepieces in your home, whether it’s a dining room table, a bedroom wardrobe or a living room armchair. These are the kinds of items which command attention from both you and your guests, helping your interior design flourish.

The details you find on vintage furniture items mean they are guaranteed to make a statement, and you can use this as inspiration in the rest of your wider décor. 

Vintage furniture is truly unique

The final and best benefit of vintage furniture is that you know you are getting something which is unique to your home. No two pieces of vintage furniture are exactly the same, meaning your home is the only place to find an item which is as stunning and eye-catching as the one you have chosen. 
Retro G Plan Bookcase
Image source: Vinterior

Monday, 16 April 2018

Down by the River Weaver in Cheshire & inspired homeware

Spring River Weaver

Up through new houses of pottering suburbia and down to the river bank, plopping down the hill like little water voles to the pathway. A beautiful day for watching the boats, smiling at dogs sniffing and the swans keeping a keen eye on them. Time for the joggers and the cyclists to come out and general river life busyness is restored in spring warmth.

A cormorant with a dipping dive resurfaces by an overhanging blackthorn, frosted with blossom now and joined by egg dipping yellow celandine, starryeyed spring riverbanks.
house near the river

Owaissa Boat and River Weaver

Sat by the river

Riverside cottage

Further on by the bridge is a contrast of delicate powdery forget-me-nots against steel and bold graffiti, all part of the ambiance, river life good with the bad. Slight sludgyness of water here but clearing to waters by the riverside cottage where a dog barks by daffodils and a greenhouse shows signs of recent enthusiasm for the new season with rows of pots filled with who knows what, beans, peas or sweetpeas....

Rusty old boats overlook a skyline of a white college cupola, fretwork and a non moving no gusts today weathervane in a clear blue sky. A world of contrasts here, silent forgotten dull river craft and the chug of a brightly painted canal boat, tarnished metal against puff ball pink blossom, running against peaceful bench resting wanders.
Forget me nots


Old boatyard

kismet boat

street art

River walking inspired items based on the things I saw - cormorants, rust, forget-me-nots, jolly boats, gardening, modern art, blossom pink and cheerful yellow.
River Inspired homeware
River Inspired homeware
Cormorant tea towel, Black Bough £7.50// Metallic rust tealight holder, Abode Living £12//Seed wedding favours, Etsy £1.45//Narrowboat bird box, NotHS £59//
Gardeners Mug, Laura Ashley £5.04// Banksy Flying Balloon Girl doormat, Etsy £24.99// Ronseal Cherry Blossom garden paint, Amazon £4// Cheery Plastic Cup, Debenhams £6//

Friday, 2 March 2018

Piggy squeaks and cold tea

Winter morning dawdling in the warmth, some fairy lights around the mirror, cup of tea and two pups snuggling, one by my toes and one by my nose. Outside there is little snow, just dancing crystal puffs blowing about and every so often being scared into a frenzy by the passing bus. I light candles in the window for this daily commute, perhaps a way of passing on a smile and a quick hello by light.

Soon enough the snoozing pups start their daily battle and the room is filled with squeaky pig and friendly growls, a waggy tail sticks in the air ready to pounce and velvety bellies wriggle this way and that. The last part of my tea is now as cold as winter goldfish glazed pond water and I quickly grab a blanket, wrap it around myself and mirror the skipping snowflakes at the kitchen window. Two fluffy scruffs bound after me (pigless and squeakless) and the kettle goes on ready for the second cup.

Monday, 19 February 2018

How to Design a Luxury Bathroom and Kitchen on a Budget

Everyone wants a high-end look for their home, but most of us don’t have the budget to allow this. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can dupe those expensive tile looks to give you a sophisticated finish that won’t break the bank. 

Marble Effect 
A great way of adding some much needed luxury is with the addition of some marble effect tiles. Made from porcelain, marble effect tiles simply carry the look of marble for that gorgeous, expensive look. The best part about using a marble effect tile is that its made from the highly accessible porcelain. This means regular cleaning methods are all that is needed to maintain these tiles long term. 
marble effect bathroom

Patterned Tiles 
Hugely on trend right now, patterned tiles can help you to get a stylish and contemporary look in no time. Whether they be coloured or monochromatic, patterned tiles add dimension and class to a room. Their contemporary look in unparalleled and work beautifully when paired with plain tiles for a stark contrast. Whether they be used on walls or floors, patterned tiles can help any bathroom or kitchen to immediately look like as though it costs ten times as much as it really did. 
patterned tiles

Slate Effect 
All the rage right now, rustic homes are more popular than ever. Their dreamy combination of old and new gives them a stand out look that somehow captures modernity with a familiar, homely twist. A great way of starting this look is with slate effect tiles. Traditionally, slate tiles make excellent kitchen floor tiles, and the porcelain equivalent is not different. As with marble effect tiles, slate effect tiles are also made from porcelain. This makes them much easier to look after than a natural slate, so is something to consider if you’re torn between the two. 
Slate floor

 Mosaic Tiles 
 Mosaic tiles are perfect for creating a point of interest in a room. Whether it be a feature wall or a splashback, mosaic tiles catch the eye thanks to their beautiful shine. When working to a budget however, a whole mosaic wall could be just out of your price range. A way around this is to instead use mosaics on a smaller scale. Mosaic tiles make perfect borders around a room, splashbacks above cookers or sinks or even as a strip down one wall or in the shower area. This still adds that point of interest without sending your wallet running. Mosaic tiles aren’t sold as individual tiny pieces as some people presume. They are actually sold in sections with a mesh backing, which makes creating designs easy and not at all time consuming. And there you have it! Four tile ideas for creating expensive looks that don’t live up to their expected price tag. With modern advancements in manufacturing, porcelain effect tiles can hold their own against the real thing and give everyone the chance to work with a huge variety of aesthetics. 
Mosaic splashback in a kitchen

 *collaborative post

Friday, 9 February 2018

Muddy paws, puddles and waggy tails

We have always had dogs but since last year we have, for the first time brought puppies into the home. Boo is 6 months and then we added Pixie into the mix. So....three dogs, one very old and two young. The joy from them is of course immense, they cheer me up on gloomy days and my son loves their antics and has a lovely bond with them that draws him out of his shell. They complete the home.
Floppy eared puppy

However, three dogs does create mess and whilst I love them, keeping a house clean was at first a little challenging with the muddy paws, the puppy toilet training and that doggy smell (that often I don't notice), oh and the hair..... 

I have a few tips, from my general experience of how to enjoy a home with a waggy tail or tails and still be able to feel like the house is presentable. 

Firstly, I cannot be more happy with having wood flooring as it is extremely easy to keep looking clean and is infinitely better than a carpet in the downstairs rooms of my home. Any pup mess is cleared up and wiped with disinfectant, any hair is vacuumed and I have a seamless clean space from the front door to the kitchen that looks bright and airy. Whilst training the pups, of course there will be accidents as they are learning and well sometimes it can take a while. Muddy paws after walks are mostly dealt with using a small towel by the door and as part of handling training they are used to their paws being wiped and handled gently. The wooden floor is easily kept clean and I use a scented disinfectant - actually I have a cinnamon Zoflora addiction that makes the house smell of Christmas. I can't imaging having carpet and the smells that would be retained. The wooden floor is practical and durable and is a super choice if you have pets....and children. It keeps dust down and feels really hygenic. 
puppies playing

The pups have their own beds, so they have a cosy space to snuggle in at any point during the day. Pixie has decided that a space under the table and by the radiator (clever girl) is the place to be. However, yes they do also choose to snooze on the furniture and I'm ok with this as they are my babies and that's just the way I've always been with dogs. But I have a selection of throws and blankets in a basket that I use that have a rotation of being washed, frequently at the moment. This keeps the actual sofa ok and I can easily freshen things up. This is so handy for when friends come over and I can swap a sofa throw quickly and other people aren't leaving covered in dog hair - except for when they jump all over guests of course :) 
Febreeze is also your friend! Baking soda is another good item to have, sprinkle it on any accidents on soft furnishings or carpet and it draws the wet and the smell out - another reason why I prefer the wooden flooring as it avoids this......I recommend stair gates to keep your furry friends downstairs. My pups only go upstairs supervised so I don't find surprises in the bedrooms!
Patterpoo puppy

For general doggy smells I have scented candles and wax tarts, a hoard of them. The litttle votives and wax melts are cheap and cheerful and they look pretty in a glass jar too. You can get pet smell neutralising candles too, Price's do a great one and I've seen them in the vets for sale too. Frequently airing the house helps too on nice sunny days - hopefully some of them to look forward to in spring. I try not to use air freshener sprays when the dogs are around as they make them sneeze. 

Finally, what better than a warm bubble bath for the dogs. It's a good thing to get the pups used to having a scrub and a nice experience for them and keeps coats smelling lovely and clean. I've been using a special pup shampoo and also trying to start grooming their hair, particularly Pixie who is rough coated and the shedder of the two. My elderly dog is not up for baths as much and she doesn't get herself muddy anymore so some pet wipes keep her fresh, although we do bathe her paws from time to time if she's got into a mess in the garden - usually due to her vision not being as good anymore. 

So.....if you visit me, I hope you find my home smelling fresh but you may have to sit on the floors....
Three sleeping dogs

*Collaborative post