Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Autumn Mellowing

Beagle Halloween

Finally we are into autumn, my mellow misty time of subdued days with a sprinkle or rather a dollop of Halloween excitement. I'm taking it easy this year as I'm in my second trimester of pregnancy, more on that another time. So......days of mugs of decaffeinated tea, chilling with the dogs and pootling about the village.
Halloween mug and pumpkin syrup

It's been a chore to get the blog back up and running since all my photos were held hostage by Photobucket but I'm updating all the back photos slowly to make my blog its old self of witchy pumpkin goodness at this time of year but it's a long arduous task. Regular updates will be here again since life is good and I have a new life to document.
Halloween shelves

I have a new study for my daily work and I'm so pleased with it. Halloween items which will stay all year for inspiration and other found and vintage items. Surrounding myself with fun things in the home is my necessity. There is a lovely view of the front garden and the church in the distance, even better on bell ringing evenings when I can sit with the sash window up and soak up the sound of my previous existence as a bell ringer.
Window to the garden

The village has a few shops which is perfect for slow paced living. A florist, farm shop, convenience store, random gift and hardware shop with a post office. Just enough for a daily walk through the churchyard, gathering thoughts and sunshine.
Florists Door

Florists Autumn window
The churchyard is on my doorstep, our home was part of the church as their building for functions when the Victorians deemed it unsuitable to be social within the actual church. So the house has a lot of echoes from the past which I am investigating.
Autumn churchyard

Some days I've headed up to the garden centre in Shrewsbury for some autumnal garden purchases, Chrysanthemums for the wall to add to the pumpkins and more spooky items from tinsel spiders to glittery skeletons. I love the autumn garden, beauty in fading items and splashes of red and yellows.

Other days I've been adding to the Halloween collection, spooky mugs, skull decorations, lots of candles, spectred socks and signs to welcome wee ghosties on Halloween night.
Halloween haul

But most of the time I'm just spending time with my gang of fuzzy friends who love the company and the snuggles. We love it on the dark afternoons with a candle flickering and cooking up autumn food ready for Little Bird and Sweep to come home.
Boo dogs

Beagle on an armchair