Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pumpkin patch

pumpkin patchHello October, my favourite month and hence this will be a month long Halloween party at my house. How I love the spooky season and all its offerings but the best thing has to be the pumpkins. I am obsessed, like really, really obsessed

Gorgeous orbs of orange streaked with green sprawling across the soil, taking over and ripening ready for homely cooking or jagged tooth cutting and flickering candles.

At weekend I came across a pumpkin patch with amazing views, a little hazy as the sun was starting to set but very magical. I heard a frog croaking somewhere and I thought to myself, I'm really living a fairytale now - I've got my froggy prince and any number of Cinderella stagecoaches to choose from. 

Alas the greeny hopped away but I left with a head full of baking pumpkin pies and of pumpkin syrup in coffee, still not officially had my first one yet. 

Everyone hail to the pumpkin king

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