Friday, 25 October 2013

Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch There is a sadness in the air as the allotment season as I see it draws to an end. The air is musty and the compost heaps all seem to be full of overgrown marrows starting to rot. Wheelbarrows are propped up. Left. A few more visits. Goodbye until spring save a maintenance weekend here and there. It belongs to the mist and the winds over winter and who knows what creatures inhabit the plot.pumpkins rusty jack o'lanternProud pumpkins, gorgeous colours and varieties. Small. Knobbly. Huge. How do I carry them? I'm sure they come alive and heave themselves around the plot on their prickly, lanky vines. Watching me? Surely not.nasturtiums Dahlias still going strong, draining the weak rays of autumn sunshine that tinge the edge of their silky petals. Nasturtiums doing their best. Everywhere. No stopping them. Pickled capers perhaps? Tangling my ankles.Dahlias in the late sunshine autumn allotment One last apple still hanging on a branch, destined for the fairytale basket. Dare you eat it? Not me.the poison apple Dahlia and autumn raspberries Items left. Did they leave in a hurry? Did they sense they were being watched too? Did they stay too late as twilight crept in, surprising them with shadows that spring upon your senses and send tingles up your back?forgotten Treading carefully back across the pumpkin patch. I hear movement. Dragging, stirring of earth.
pumpkin patch water buttFaces appear on those once friendly summer allotment pals. Menacing. Have they changed? Has the autumn changed their moods? Hungry perhaps? Looking like time I should leave before the gate is mysteriously locked. I hear the clang of a metal pole and my heart races. Drip, drop, drip, drop.sunflowers watching you autumn allotmentQuickly under the grape vine, by the French Beans and alongside the shed. Creak. Thud. Rustle.washing line A reflection. Eyes? An apparition? Back garden noises too far away. Too far away to hear me scream!Green pumpkin My legs sting as the nettles reach and clamber for me. Driving me towards the water. Panic.water fairy weed A trick perhaps? Allotment hi-jinx from the old character on Plot 10. But I did not see him and couldn't be sure. I'd not heard his rough cough from too many roll ups or the familiar thud of his work boots.
I did not wait to find out. I scampered through the gate, past the corn field and down the grassy worn road lined by brambles to my car. As I started the ignition, the car coughed and spluttered. No, this cannot be. As I looked into my rear view mirror I saw a twisting green arm and a hint of orange ........
creep by the allotment Joining in with Mammasaurus for How Does Your Garden Grow?  who has the most beautiful photos.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


Chrisy said...

…../ \🙊
A ghoulish atmosphere at your place! Come on over and visit with me...if you dare....

greenthumb said...

Still so many lovely things to see, great post.

Katie said...

Yes! I love spookyness!!! Love that rusty panel!

Rakel said...

nice post!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post - a spooky story! House picture is great. Ghost in the window and ghoul on the washing line. Happy Halloween
model mummy x

Laura S Reading said...

You have done it again - your words draw me in.
Loving every moment of my visits here.

Mammasaurus said...

Beautiful! I love the little words running through out - especially the Boo at the end, Pumpkin patches are fab, I've never seen one myself before in real life and seeing these I reckon I am missing out.

Thanks for sharing - I'm well in the autumn mood now!

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