Thursday, 29 October 2015

Family Halloween Games

We love Halloween and every year have a little get together  - a tea party, spooky music and games. Little Bird likes to join in the best he can and the Junior Birds have a real competitive streak and get stuck in. This year we have two new and exciting games to play - Creepy Hand and Ghost Hunt Evolution by Megableu Games.
Ghost Hunt Evolution

Ghost Hunt Evolution

Billy Bones is a skeleton electronic projector who through his snazzy red specs makes an array of spooky creatures appear on the walls for you to shoot with your electronic gun. It was easy to set up, requiring the usual batteries of course but then we are always well stocked up on them - 4 AA batteries and 3 AAA batteries. 

Darken the room and off you go. Billy Bones makes blood curdling noises and the fear is there - pow, pow with your gun. Where will the bat be as he's worth 3 points. Quick load the gun up again. Well it was a mixture of that slight panic you get even though it's all a game and much laughter. The Junior Birds were very good at this but I was rubbish, scoring an average of 4 points to their 11 - the scores show on the gun's digital display. Must practice more!

Little Bird found it all hilarious and was carried away with the atmosphere so it was a good game all round for the family, even if very little ones can't play. It's recommended for age 5+. We were all keen for a next go and it gets extremely addictive. Great for Halloween parties and a good ice breaker to get everyone into the 'spirit' ;)

Creepy Hand
Very funny from the start with a severed green hand that made me think of The Addams Family, 
Essentially this is a truth, dare or forfeit game so with the pack of cards shuffled and set aside, each player given a Double Dare card Creepy Hand was set in the centre of the table. Press the button and the hand turns slowly around and when he's ready, he slowly lifts his bony digit and points at his victim.

Turn the truth, dare or forfeit card over and a player gives the choice TRUTH or DARE?

Are you afraid of the dark?
Mime playing a sport so the other players can guess.
Have you ever had a nickname?
Improvise a rap about yourself.

If the player doesn't do this successfully or refuses the challenge, they must take the forfeit or may play the Joker Card and choose an opponent to take the challenge instead.

A successful challenge means you keep the card and the first player to obtain 6 cards in the winner. 

The game is for age 7+ so Little Bird looked on but again found it all hysterical and most of the game was spent laughing. The improvisation challenges were especially funny and it was a real bonding game, a good one for getting everyone together. The Truth or Dare cards had some brilliantly creative options so it was a big hit all round. The hand is also a great Halloween prop....just wait for when the trick or treaters knock on......


We received the Megableu games for the review, all words are my own honest opinion.


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