Thursday, 22 October 2015

Magical garden

autumn cottage garden If I were a hedge witch or a kitchen witch gathering ingredients for potions to bring great wealth or turn my enemy into a toad, this might be my garden. I'd park up the broom by the garden gate, straighten my velvet dress and toss my pointed hat onto the bench, then scamper off and weave some magic in the dahlia patch. Maybe even nip out at midnight and stand skyclad by the climbing beans as the moonlight bathes over us. 

That's how this little garden that belongs to the lovely corn dolly man made me feel. Magical. My inner witch came out and wanted to practice spells and gather pumpkins. I did manage to gather some dahlias from a roadside seller on the way home and then started some Halloween decorating with them and some flora from my own little mystical garden. 
autumn dahlias climbing beans black cat cottage garden autumn garden dahlias for sale by the road colourful dahlias dahlias for Halloween Halloween flower arrangement

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