Thursday, 8 October 2015

National Wallpaper Week: Nostalgia

This week is National Wallpaper week and for me, wallpaper definitely reminds me of my childhood home and evokes great feelings of nostalgia. My parents always had wallpapered rooms, they still do, and choosing them was a big deal. Oh the rolls of paper I remember us looking at on a weekend and how I remember feeling all the textures - foamy, raised swirls and shimmery damask, flowers and patterns. It was a huge event then, the whole process of my parents picking their favourite and me trying my best to help leafing through those great big paper books stood on my tiptoes.

Downstairs in our home was always a shiny look, ridged and grey in both the front room and dining room, very classy looking, simplistic and my mum was really pleased with it. Dare anyone spill a drink up it!!

In my bedroom I had the chance over the years to pick my own wallpaper, from pale green stripes to clouds, a vague memory of the latter but very much like Graham & Brown's Cloud Nine. My friend had a wonderful pink bedroom as a child and I can remember really wanting the same - I still would, in fact the Princess Flock paper would be so quirky lining a cupboard in my house as I am still very much a child at heart.

My Nana has stayed at my parent's home every weekend since before I was born so she has her own special bedroom there. To my memory it has always been floral, absolutely perfect and feminine for my dear Nan. Combined with some glamorous accessories and traditional furniture, the 'spare' bedroom was always one of my favourite rooms and delicate flowers always make me think of this room.

Creating feelings of nostalgia is something I want more and more as I get older so introducing some wallpaper into my home that reminds me of my childhood would be so lovely. At the moment I have painted walls but when I moved in there was a layer of floral paper peeking from behind a wonky door frame - a remnant of the decor of the elderly lady that lived here once. It was such a pretty paper and a have a bit of nostalgia for that too, perhaps I could paper the front of a small cupboard in something like the gorgeous Nature Trail Duck Egg. 

Above are my pick of the wallpapers that make me think of my childhood and times gone by. 

Clockwise from top to bottom:
Cloud Nine
Ticking Stripe soft grey
Reed Pink
Star Dust Midnight
Silken Stria Silver Mist
Princess Flock Pink
Nature Trail Duck Egg

Do you have a nostalgia for a certain print or type of wallpaper?

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