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Home Security In Time For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the optimum time to make sure your home is tightly secured to prevent any sticky-fingered person looking for a free Christmas gift. According to Brunsdon, November to January is the time where burglaries are at their peak; and the last thing you want is to come home and discover that someone has been in your home, rooting through your things.

Security and Insurance
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When it comes to insurance companies, they type of system you have in place in terms of door and window locks will have an effect on the price of your premium. The better the system, the lower your premium is likely to be.

If your locks are old or looking a bit past their prime, you should have these replaced as soon as possible. There are a surprising variety of locks to choose from, but the main thing to remember is that the more advanced the lock, the better protected you will be. It is a good idea to check your insurance policy, as some of these stipulate certain standards that must be met if you want to claim in the unfortunate incidence of a break in.

It is also a great idea to check that you are correctly insured. What may seem like a chore now could really pay off in the unfortunate circumstance that you have not-so-welcome visitors.

A Lock Run-Down

Wessex Glass Co. Ltd have given us a run down on some quality locks that you might want to consider investing in:

A Five-level Mortice Deadlock fitted to British Standard 3621 quality could mean that you are eligible for a discount on your insurance premium.

Key operated window locks are favoured by many insurance companies, as this adds additional security to your property. It is important, however, that you never leave the key in the lock and keep it safe at all times.

Popular locking systems for French and patio doors are Multi-point Locking systems. These are the second-best option, closely following the Five-level Deadlock in terms of security.

Finally, Night Locks are an excellent choice during the summer months. These allow you to keep you windows open during summer, without compromising the security of your home. While Summer may seem far away, you may as well get everything sorted in one go and save yourself some time.

Home security is not the jolliest of topics this side of Christmas, but knowing that you are fully protected and covered can help you have a more restful night sleep and enjoy the happiest season of the year to the fullest.

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