Saturday, 24 October 2015

Home witches tea party

pumpkin spice liqueur witches cat Halloween dresser
This frazzled homebird witch is having a little rest
kicking off her magic shoes and making polite request.
So tired of these antics that keep me up all night
and I don't mean riding broomsticks or giving folk a fright.

I'm talking about the pumpkin ghost, the smallest little pest
That haunts and taunts when darkness falls and causes great unrest
He rattles on the door handle and throws about his toys
Doesn't he realise that past 8 o'clock is bed for little boys.
The sheets not right, too hot, too cold, there's a monster under his bed
I want to tell him, not it's not, he's here awake instead!
pumpkin child skull and candle This Halloween I'd like to have, a long awaited nap
or light a little corn candle, drink Mandrake's Inky Cap
Put Frightly Dancing on for a while, prance in stripy stocking feet
Fill the Jack O'lanterns with dancing flame and leave the trick or treat
Eat every chocolate warty toad, have myself a feast
Or just a bag of peppered pond bites with hair of wild beast

I still hear pitter patter, I still hear pumpkin feet
Getting him to go to sleep would be so very sweet
It's time to take some action, I must go and dust that tome
Of spells from dear old nana witch emitting a greenish gloam.

Carefully through its pages my finger tips do glide
Past incantations for the dead and making hearts collide
I find the one I want, a cautious hocus-pocus
Taking fairy moss and candy floss with a bit of roasted locust.
Wand in hand, tap-tap-tap, weaving sleepy thoughts
Using all my witchy powers of all that I was taught
spell spell book Take twinkle twinkle, sparkling sand and flocks of counting sheep
Make that eiderdown like fluffy cloud, let me not hear a peep.
Wynken, Blynken and some Nod, light from luna dreams
Aromas of fresh lavender, music spun from streams

A blinding flash of All Hallows light, a puff of dragon smoke
Bats will fly, owls will hoot and little froggies croak
Then all I hear is gentle snores, a pleasant hum and purr
Of resting perfect cherub face, a little tot in slumberrr...

I kiss a little cheek, I brush away his hair
Leave a chink of glowing light, creep off down wooden stair
Cauldron bubbles, kettle sings, the sofa looks inviting
A perfect witches tea party, my favourite enchanting
Settling down with fortune cuppa, what a real delight
This mummy witch is going to enjoy her blissful Halloween night. cup of Halloween black potion bottle Halloween glow Join in the party with A Fanciful Twist where all the Halloween merry makers go for some glitter, enchantment and magical creatures.


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