Friday, 27 November 2015

Win 5 Megableu games

Following on from the fun Megableu games we played at Halloween, we have three new ones to show you and then there is a fantastic competition to win all five!!

The games are all really interactive and great for creating lots of laughs, here's what we thought:

Trickin' Camel

A quirky game where a camel does indeed try to trick you. There are three different game challenges to try and win a drink bottle, a guessing game, memory game and speed game. Beware though as the camel spits if you choose the wrong answer. A correct answer and you may take a bottle. The trick is when the camel will chuck out all the bottles and you have to grab them. 

The winner of the game is who has the most bottles. For me the best bit was seeing Dad squirted with water but it did infuriate me a little watching the lights - everybody else loved it. 
Trickin' Camel

Cobra Attack

This was our favourite game, the cobra lies in wait within the basket whilst the aim is to retrieve the sacred green crystal which he guards so well. You need to be careful as this cobra detects movement, when his eyes glows red be still, when they're green move forwards carefully. You win if you manage to retrieve the crystal without the cobra nipping you - our dog Billy tried and had the fright of his life.

A fun game, the cobra sort of flops out really rather than comedy springs out but laughter inducing anyway. Great fun for younger children and very much a party game.
Cobra Attack

Alien Mission
Similar to Ghost Hunt Evolution as you wear goggles and shoot the aliens with your laser gun that appear in them as opposed to on the wall. The score appears on the gun and the person to have zapped most aliens win but don't shoot the red ones as they are friendly and you'll lose points for that. 

Very much a solo game but funny to watch other family members play so still brings you together. 
Alien Mission

All games require a fair few batteries so stock up. A great selection of fun, exciting games for Christmas and so if you would like to win all 5 of the Megableu Games I have reviewed.....

1. Ghost Hunt Evolution
2. Creepy Hand
3. Alien Mission
4. Trickin' Camel
5. Cobra Attack

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Win 5 Megableu games

*Megableu sent games for the purpose of the review, words are my own honest opinion


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