Thursday, 19 November 2015

Victorian toilet at Wesley's Chapel, London

Thomas Crapper cisterns
We were staying on City Road in London recently and just near the hotel was the John Wesley Chapel, the Father of Methodism - a great place to visit but what was a surprise was when the guide led us down some steps into the men's toilets...... Victorian toilets London Eyes adjusted, we were met with the most wonderful, yes I guess toilets can be glorious things, Victorian toilets in absolutely perfect condition and I'm told working order. 

Apparently this is the only remaining late Victorian toilets (1899) in the city and is a popular place for film and television productions to use should they need some authentic Victorian 'spend a penny' charm.  It has all the original fittings - marble wash basins, tiles, cedar wood cubicles, Thomas Crapper Valveless Waste Preventers  and the George Jennings 'Monkey Closets' (the urinals) . *chuckle*Victorian toilets at the Wesley ChapelNow George Jennings I had not heard of before but he is the man who had significant input into introducing the public toilet. Famous for the retiring rooms at The Great Exhibition at The Crystal Palace in 1851.  People using the toilets had to pay a penny for a clean seat, towel and shoe shine.  

I show you all the best places ;) 
Victorian toilet mirror best Victorian toilets in LondonJohn Wesley Chapel, London


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