Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Places I would like to visit

Over the years, before my son arrived, I did my fair share of exploring the world – Australia, New Zealand, weekend break to New York, Barcelona, Paris… These days we stay in the UK and I have had a wonderful time, there is so much here that I am excited for each year’s holidays.

I feel like I am pretty knowledgeable about different countries but to test myself I tried the Karcher monuments of the world quiz and didn’t do too bad. Have a go and see how you fare. Did you know that Karcher have been involved in helping the preservation of famous buildings and monuments? I didn’t, and from a wannabe historian that is really interesting to me.

For when I do renew my passport and venture out of the UK, here are the places that I would love to go:


Vigeland Park Museum Shutterstock

I went on my own years ago and serendipitously saw my best friend from primary school at the luggage carousel – she was also on her own but meeting some friends in Oslo. I had an amazing Easter weekend exploring the city, eating wonderful confectionery and visiting the Thor Heyerdahl Kon-Tiki Museum, admiring Easter trees in the windows of Norwegian houses and walking around the Vigeland Sculpture Park which was only amazing. The only problem – I lost my photographs and must return to do it all over again and show my son the city.

I love the idea of Austria, sweets and cakes in beautiful café windows, heading off to the opera and after being inspired by William Cavendish at Bolsover Castle, some amazing horsemanship at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. A cultural spectacle of music, museums, parks and food.
Johann Strauss Statue, Vienna Stadtpark Shutterstock

Another place I want to return to and explore its medieval streets. Even though the famous yellow buses have now gone there is plenty of quirky character on this small island full of culture. The harbour at Valletta is a romantic feast for the eyes by evening with all the lights twinkling, and around Easter time there are some wonderful customs to see, from parades in the streets to small magical doorways that open to show a scene of the Last Supper.

I’m a fairy tale lover so seeing the magical Neuschwanstein Castle is a dream of mine. Picture perfect alpine villages, more Medieval history to learn about and lots of beer. The Danube River Valley looks spectacular and the city of Regensburg has twenty museums to look around.

Neuschwanstein Castle Shutterstock

Finally Denmark, another fairy tale destination to see The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen. Of course Hans Christian Andersen was Danish and I’d love to go and visit places associated with him as I have been recently studying his fairy tales. I’d take my son to Legoland to see the fabulous structures and have some fun. Finally a canal boat trip to admire the architecture at a leisurely pace would be just my thing.

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