Monday, 2 November 2015

Ways to brighten up the home

Dark November days and if your house is like mine and there are areas where the sunlight just doesn't reach it can start to feel a little gloomy. With many people experiencing symptoms of SAD, mood can really be effected by the decreased light levels so grabbing what sunlight you can at home can help. There are ways to improve the light in your home though and create a brighter space to get through the winter months. 

Dark colours absorb the light but good old whites, a favourite of mine in the home, will bounce the light around and make the rooms appear so much brighter. There are so many different shades of white, creams and neutrals that will really help any dark rooms. I also paint a lot of my furniture in eggshell white which again helps to transform a room from dull to bright and sparkling. 
white paint
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Use of mirrors
Mirrors are a super way to make a room look brighter as any lights rays coming in with hit the mirrored surface and scatter them around. A large wall mirror in a room is not only a beautiful feature but also an inexpensive way to make the room lighter and look bigger. The staircase in my Victorian house is very dark but to help I've added a display of vintage mirrors which appeases my love for eclectic items and also helps the stairs not look so dull. 

Roof lanterns
If you are lucky enough to have an extension, have a look at these  luxury UltraSky aluminium roof lanterns  which will bring an enormous amount of natural light into a room. They are thermally efficient so you don't need to worry about heat loss and are a smart way to introduce as much light as possible into a flat roofed area such as the extension to my property that I covet. 
roof lantern

Clear the clutter
The more junk cluttering the room, the more light that is absorbed. For dark rooms, the more minimalistic the better - tidy things away into cupboards and drawers, keeping items to a minimum and styling a room with pieces of light coloured furniture and a few accents of colour. 

Having several sources of lighting around a room improves the ambiance and LED lights in particular can help give the effect of more natural light. The spotlights in my kitchen are this type and the light is not yellowing but white and brightens up a typical old galley kitchen. 
white minimalist room
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