Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Be Safe Be Seen campaign

In London recently I noticed just how many cyclists there are, we literally nearly got mown down by a pack of them by Westminster Abbey and I had to grab my friend quickly in when one came hurtling around a corner. Our fault I have to admit for dawdling. However, some of the cyclists could hardly be seen and you can see how accidents can happen.

November is the most dangerous month of the year for vulnerable road users. Not just cyclists but many pedestrians are injured and with families out for events like Halloween and Bonfire Night recently it is important to think about safety. We are off to the town Christmas light switch on soon and will be walking there along busy roads, so will try out Volvo LifePaint. We had a little go of it home in the last week to see how it works.
Volvo LifePaint

Volvo LifePaint is a highly reflective spray that glows in headlight glare and makes you visible. The campaign encourages parents to spray children's outer garments/coats before going out so that they will be visible to road users. The paint is non-toxic and simply comes off in the wash otherwise lasts around a fortnight.

We sprayed it onto a hooded sweatshirt to see how it worked and we could see how in the light it takes on reflective properties. Very hard to show in a photo, at least with my camera but it certainly does reflect and I can see how it is a good idea to have a can of the paint in for over the winter months especially. 

Are there any events over the winter where you are out in the dark and would use this paint? We also go to lantern parades and if we are walking there, it is good to know that by using the paint we are more visible to cars especially with a young child who skips along the pavement haphazardly. We also take the dogs for a walk in the evening and by our house the pavement become very narrow, taken over by shrubbery. We will use the paint then as otherwise we are quite hidden on that stretch of road. 

LifePaint is available at Volvo retailers and is sold at the cost price of £9 so no profit is made. You can find your nearest Volvo retailer here


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