Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Creating a winter's bedroom

I have a little tradition of giving my bedroom a wintry theme from December to get into the festive spirit. The magic of the season is throughout the house so even if its only just a subtle sparkle, I like this to extend to my bedroom too.

Here are some ideas for creating a cosy retreat with some winter cheer whether it be for your own bedroom or a guest room.

Create a comfy bed
Add lots of layers with fluffy throws and soft knitted blankets. This year I have bought some pretty new bedding with a Christmassy village on it, last year was an alpine ski-ing print, so not too over the top but enough to be feeling the winter spirit. Check out George at Asda for some seasonal bedding sets. Add a few pretty sparkly scatter cushions onto a white bed for a simple, sophisticated look or layer warm reds with grey or cream for some rustic charm.
Wintry colour palette
If you fancy a spot of redecorating, think about a winters pallete using chalky tones such as those from Farrow and Ball, neutral colours that conjure up the crisp white of snow covered fields, wintry white skies and frosty trees. Restful tones to hibernate in during the dark months of the year. 

Paint up an old piece of furniture in winter hues, perhaps a pop of berry red or rich plum against a neutral background for some colourful cheer to get you through until spring.
Make the room warm and welcoming with fairy lights, candles and lanterns. Against the wonderful mix of textures from the layering of faux-fur blankets and scatter cushions on the bed, the soft glow from candlelight flickering or shimmering lights will transport you into a Nordic wonderland.

A statement mirror cleverly positioned will reflect the light and make the room appear bigger. Use winter scented candles of cinnamon, berries or pine to make a space to relax in and read a book. I recommend The Snow Child as a perfect winter's read in that armchair by the fire. 
Wall Art
Conjure up the spirit of winter with some soothing wall art. I love lino prints of natural scenes, hares and birds out in snowy landscapes or make your own wall canvases such as this lighted one.
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