Sunday, 1 November 2015

Why I bought my house

When I first bought my home, it was the Victorian style that attracted me, that and the fact that it was snowing and thick flakes falling furiously made the house look like something out of a Dickens novel. Heart before head is me all over, and as I stepped through its Narnia door my little romantic radar was going off and by the time I saw the wooden steps up to the loft room I was won over and practically put an offer in there and then. 
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Sensible people though, not people that live with their heads thinking about riding unicorns and stepping into magical closets, will look to factors such as crime rate, is the house big enough (I've outgrown mine, nowhere to park the other dragon car ) , the cost of course and the EPC rating. This is the energy performance certificate where A is the most energy efficient and G is the least. A recent study by the online lighting retailer LightBulbs Direct showed that there are factors when selling your home that you can improve and looked at ways lighting can influence buyers.

29% of people are discouraged by a badly lit house, my own is quite dark at the back but clever lighting can improve the situation and when you have viewings, having them switched on will obviously help rooms have a light and airy feel. 

In the study, over a third were willing to spend more on a property that had a high energy rating. Buyers conscious of EPC ratings and energy-efficiency can significantly reduce household bills by investing in energy saving bulbs which also last up to 90% longer than other bulbs.

LightBulbs Direct have over 12 years experience in lighting solutions providing LED's spotlights and energy saving bulbs to name a few, in a range of colours and styles. For those looking to find out how much money they could save by switching to an energy saving bulb, LightBulbs Direct’s Energy Saving Calculator is a useful online tool.

I should add that I do still love my house, it's a great property and ended up being a wise choice even if it was a super quick decision. One day when I sell up, I hope somebody gets swept away by it too. 

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