Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tears for a fish

Victorian planting Escaping the freezing hail we ran into the conservatory at Buxton's Pavilion Gardens and had a warm by the palms and the bright Victorian bedding plants. Scarlet flashes of festive Poinsettias clashed against yellow chrysanthemums and we watched a man for a while dunking watering cans into the fish pond to water the plants with. Meanwhile Joy to the World was playing in the band stand and all was well.

But then I spotted the poem of Boris the fish, a Buxton legend and I then left dabbing my eyes with a tissue. Poor little fish, I'm glad he got to live his final days in such nice surroundings. Bless his little upside down fighting spirit. 

Buxton Pavilion gardens conservatory Poinsettia palms in Buxton conservatory palms Pavilion Gardens conservatory indoor planting Boris the Buxton fish poem

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