Friday, 21 August 2015

July's Degustabox

Another month of trying the amazing Degustabox. Another surprise of new foods available on the market and a joy to open and find out what is inside.
Degustabox July

Straight away I spotted a pretty pink bottle and whooped with joy.

Lambrini So Strawberry £3.29
Did you know that Lambrini is 21 years old this year? Here for summer is a perfect pink wine-style drink, fruity and refreshing to share with friends. I am saving mine to take to a friends once the kids are back at school. Slightly sparkling and 5% ABV, this will make a great base for a few cocktails. 
Taking the Pea £1.50
These were big time yummy and a great snack for the afternoon munchies. Coated crunchy peas, my flavour was Cheesy Peasy & Onion. At only 144 calories a snack they are a great alternative to crisps as they contain more protein. The peas are English grown too so big thumbs up from me. The range has several flavours and I'd look out for these again particularly in the Wacky Wasabi flavour.
Taking the Pea snack
Next up are a couple of items that were great for when we ventured out over the summer. Early starts on the road meant skipping breakfast but luckily I had a couple of these....

Weetabix on the Go 2 x £1.49
Breakfast drinks with the same fibre, protein and energy as Weetabix cereal with milk and vitamins and iron. This was a lovely, smoothy drink that was a super energy boost for our day trip to Kenilworth Castle. Vanilla or chocolate and both were equally as delicious. 
Weetabix on the Go breakfast drink

Fru Snax 2 x £1.25
Also for our castle adventure, Fru Snax was a little afternoon treat rather than buying chocolate. they are quite unusual - fruit and yoghurt pieces frozen and then the water evaporated so you have these little chalky pieces. They remind me of the packs of space food that the Museum of Science and Industry sold :) Very sweet but without the sins as only 45 calories for a whole pack! 
Fru Snax
Quirky item of the month goes to.......
Jele Beautie 
Like a drink but like a jelly. I have no idea. It almost feels like little bubbles of jelly in it and very fragrant. Still not sure but it wasn't unpleasant. 
jele beautie drink
Quinoa Mothergrain £1.99
Marketed as a children's meal but my very awkward eater wouldn't attempt but I certainly would. Literally ready in 30 seconds in the microwave. Gorgeous, loved it! I tries Tex Mex style with kidney beans and other veggies, sprinkled cheese on top and this was a meal for me. A nice small portion for my diet. I'd try these again if I saw them on offer as a quick snack or calorie controlled main meal. Quinoa is a favourite of mine with being a vegetarian so loved the meal.
Quinoa meal

Tasty Little Numbers 2 x £3.49
Very handy calorie measured one pot meals so if you are on a diet like 5:2 these would be superb. These were 200 calories each - beef sausage & beans and chicken tika massala. I am informed by the resident meat eater that these were very tasted, although a couple of slices of bread on the side to mop the meals up with were added. Great for when I cannot be bothered to cook and want to throw something in the microwave.
Tasty Little Numbers meal

Now my favourite.
Newton's Just Apple Fizz £1.20
Apple juice and sparkling water, natural and with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugar. On a hot day this month, I enjoyed my chilled Just Apple in a mason jar with some added fruit.
Newton's Just Apple

apple drink in pretty jar
Last month was the June picnic box.

Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that costs £ 12.99 including postage and packaging, containing many new items to the market - it is a surprise every month. You can cancel the subscription at any time so maybe it would be a good one for a party or special events as a bit of a foodie treat. The items I received totalled nearly £20 so I received a lot for the subscription price. It's a fantastic way for a foodie to trial new products.

You can subscribe with a £3 discount using the code 544JA (valid until October)

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