Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bring some Royal luxury into the home

Royal Style Mood Board

After a recent trip to London and seeing Buckingham Palace, I feel like a little royal luxury is required in one's home. Glamorous fabrics, regal purple and some queenly treasures to create royal style. 

Perhaps a crystal chandelier for the royal parlour, £175

The key to the castle with some wall art, £17.50

Stunning glassware, a Lismore Castle bowl of course, £235

One needs to dance with a prince in this posh frock, gold lace dress £135

The palace keys need a blingy key chain, Michael Kors £30

For pictures of my own royal family some shabby chic frames, from £15

Princess Charlotte bear, £108

Pretty set for afternoon tea, pinkies held out, from £10

The queen deserves a morning cuppa in a Union Jack inspired mug, £8

For the royal cupcakes, a regal KitchenAid,  £404

A little tipple from one's decanter, £60

Comforts just like Buckingham Palace, Pearl cushion £30, Diamond cushion £44, throne chair £729 and a cosy bedspread £45

Crown paper weight for when one is sorting out the bills £8.45

All items House of Fraser

*Collaborative post*


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