Friday, 28 August 2015

10 reasons why I am attracted to London living

I've had a few trips to the capital this year and I'm smitten. Getting back to leafy Cheshire seems a little bit of a let down and I am longing to go back (soon, yippee). But could I live there? Would I want to? Here are my 10 reasons why I am attracted to London living.....

1. Everything seems to happen there. Blogging events, absolutely always in London. All those great invites to interesting events, London. It would be great to not have to say no or spend a fortune on train tickets to go there at short notice.

2. Huge parks. I was in Hyde Park earlier in August and was just amazed at how immense the place is and the mixture of people doing all kinds of activities. I love roller blading but if I hit the parks in Cheshire I would get the strangest of looks. Not in London. I could skate along dressed as a clown and basically get ignored. Brilliant. After that I can get on the big wheel or go for a row on the Serpentine. Childhood magic.
Hyde Park

3. Food. An obsession of mine, seasonal events, pop-ups and street food at regular markets. A trip to the Southbank on Sunday afternoon resulted in the most gorgeous vegetarian food I've ever had. I feel well catered for in the city and like seeking out new places. Next on my list is a bit of 1940's post war Britain at Cahoots bar with a menu that reflects ration food, a unique place where you sit down below ground in an old tube carriage to dine.
Patisserie London

4. London houses. Picture perfect houses like the ones pictures in Notting Hill, far out of my reach. However, perhaps Kentish Town on the Northern Line with its vibrant vibe or in the south, Balham. This opens up a whole can of worms and in truth I think I'd probably live at least 1 hour away from the city due to all the costs involved. I'd be buying a house that needs doing up if I move, new bathroom and kitchen likely and will need help from professional handyman services in London with having no family that way to assist. It would be a big move but you never know as currently Cheshire is not the place for me.

Image source: London houses Shutterstock

5. Culture. Nearby to me we have the salt museum, oh and another salt related museum. It doesn't really have me running to see the latest exhibition. It would be super to be closer to all the fantastic museums and galleries in London, the Natural History Museum of course and some of the more unusual ones like the Charles Dickens Museum. Home educating Toby means that we need lots of input into exciting educational opportunities and we would never run out of new places to go.

6. Graveyards. Call me weird but I love cemeteries and tours of them. The Magnificent Seven garden cemeteries are on my to do list for their history and the beauty of them - stunning places to photograph. Crossbones was a recent place I visited where many poor people were buried on unconsecrated ground and an interesting story, I still need to tell it on here. 

7. History. Teeming with it on every corner from old building to secret gardens. There are the usual attractions like the Tower of London but I love the smaller less known places to look around over a couple of hours particularly churches.

8. Shopping. All the flagship stores, boutiques and antique shops down Portobello Rd. I'm looking forward to a Christmas shopping trip in November/December. Where else can I find a Moomin shop, my favourite store ever!

9. Random fun events. Last time we were in London there were cyclists everywhere, actually it was a bit of a pain as we literally got stuck at Buckingham Palace but still it is great to see these interesting events like urban beaches in summer and the Winter Wonderland. Something to entertain every weekend. 
cycling event London

10. The London Underground. Despite the strikes I love the tube. I love the hustle and the bustle, love the fact I just flash my Oyster Card and I'm off. Spending the day in London I feel like I can just go anywhere I want quickly. I adore the tiles and the buskers in there, being swept along at rush hour and the map. The sight of the Underground map and its colours puts a big smile on my face. Say that after living in London a while I hear you say!
London Underground sign

*Collaborative post, words are my own*


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