Thursday, 20 August 2015

Blackberry lanes

Brambles in late summer Different colour blackberries Bumblebee on blackberry flowers A sign that summer is nearly finished,
Of ripening fruit and light diminished.
On country walks, along hedgerow lanes
By canals and allotments, I see the same.
Brambles rambling, natures gallery
a bounty treasure, here is the BLACKBERRY!
A slow succession of mellowing jewels
Starting off chartreuse until tinctured with jules.
With flowers, paper candied open petals
A landing pad, summer candles
For bees and hoverflies still so busy
Drunk on nectar, getting dizzy
Gather your berries, watch those prickles
Apron pockets, stained and trickles
of blackberry juice on childrens faces
Might not make the pie crust spaces
or layered with a crumbled top
Bubbling jam, pot after pot.
I managed to get some back to home
So bring out the cream for some fresh baked scones.
Bumblebee and blackberry
Jewelled blackberries Honeybee on blackberry flowers Blackberries on the lane



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