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How to keep your bathroom tidy

In a family bathroom it can be hard to keep everything in its place. You want the focal point to be the lovely suite and not a row of toiletry bottles on the side of the bath, the children's bath toys or cosmetics. Clever storage will keep your bathroom more a place of relaxed sanctuary than of cluttered chaos.
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Here are some ideas to keep the bathroom looking tidy: 

At the rate at which a family uses bath towels, if it's like mine, a shelf for towel bales can be both a feature and a practical option to always have towels available for after your bath or shower. Any excuse to buy new colourful fluffy towels to have on display. In older houses with high ceilings there can often be a large space above the door which makes a great place for an extra storage shelf for any bathroom bits and pieces. With some coordinating it also makes a pretty colour accent.
door shelf
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Bathroom Cabinets
For any size of bathroom there is a cabinet to suit the space. Illuminated cabinets provide storage and contemporary lighting combined with low energy LED lights giving a soft, warm light in the bathroom. For family homes with young children there are lockable cabinets for safety and of course cabinets can be fixed upon the wall out of little hands reach. A really important factor to consider if you use the cabinet to store medications or your posh products. For a great range of cabinets visit Bella Bathrooms where you will find the perfect storage solution, from space saving corner cabinets to tall narrow ones for small bathrooms and en-suites. Also, mirrored cabinets will instantly create the illusion of more space by scattering light about the room.
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Upcycled Storage
If you like looking around antique and junk shops, how about some vintage charm for your bathroom? Upcycling dressers and cupboards is a unique way to have a bespoke piece for the bathroom that you can fill with towels, toiletries and spare loo rolls. Painted up they can be a pop of colour in a neutral bathroom or pared back in my favourite egg shell white for simplicity.
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Unusual ideas such as recycled wooden crates or wire baskets are a rustic way to store bathroom items. When guests stay over why not put a towel and some pretty products in one as a welcoming gesture.

Vanity Units
For a super modern edge, floor standing or wall hung units with integrated basins are a popular way to maximise space. There are a huge range of finishes for bathroom furniture - glossy, all different types of wood and many colour ways, so you will easily find the ideal look for your dream bathroom. Vanity units are great to store all those cleaning products that you do not want to have on show along with all those other non-pretty items. It's nice to have items out on show to a minimum, a posh hand wash, elegant candles and a hand towel but for hygiene and keeping cleaning to a minimum, I like things hidden away. Vanity units can also incorporate the toilet for a seamless look, you can find a great guide on the best flushing toilets here at TFBFT which will help you out with choosing the best option.

Children's Toy Storage
Without a doubt, this is the biggest issue in my bathroom. Boats, turtles, squeezy whales and stacking cups. Required every night for my son's bath but then I really want them tidying away. Plus they have a tendency to start looking tired and untidy very quickly and can make the bathroom look shabby if they are left on the side of the bath. Plastic baskets are ideal for them so the water they hold can drain away and when they need cleaning (frequently to prevent mould) the whole basket and toys can be sterilised. 

Door Hooks
Don't forget the simple door hook for towels, dressing gowns or your bath loofah. Use any handy space available to keep bathroom clutter to a minimum so your space is one of peace and tranquility. 

How to you keep your bathroom tidy? Do you have a cabinet or a vanity unit? Any unusual ways that you store your products to reduce the clutter, I'd love to know?

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