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How to create curb appeal for your home

Whether trying to sell your house or just improving the charisma of your property, consider the curb appeal and those important first impressions. On all budgets there are steps that you can take to spruce up the exterior of your home and create a welcoming appeal.
country cottage curb appeal
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Firstly, some tidying that will cost nothing but your time. Clear up the front of any litter that's blown onto your property. I live on a fairly busy road and the amount of empty food packets that I find in the hedge on a weekly basis is unbelievable. Get rid of any weeds growing through the driveway or pavement and if you have a front garden spend some time 

Next get cleaning - windows, window frames and the front door. For uPVC you can buy special cleaner that really makes it white again. Brush and jet wash the drive to remove any dirt. 

The front door is the focal point of your home and it is worth investing time into making it the perfect entrance. After all, it's a good indication of the house inside and if its shabby and neglected looking people may think that the interior is too. Clean up the door and door furniture and if it's a wooden door, does it need repainting? A fresh coat of paint that suits your house style is relatively inexpensive, apparently green is the most popular colour for a front door.

Have door furniture in keeping with the period of the property, there are plenty of reproductions or for original pieces look at salvage yards and antique shops. I have a Victorian house and love looking for inspirational ideas for front doors and would love to eventually swap the uPVC for a wooden door and paint it matt grey.
black period style front door
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Look at the overall fa├žade of your home; is there exterior wood to be brightened up or even a whole masonry paint colour on the walls. A little expensive but completely worth it to improve the appeal and weather protect your property. I adore painted houses and the ones I've seen on my coastal travels in Wales and Cornwall are amazing in their pastel tones.

Probably my favourite way to improve curb appeal is with greenery. Window boxes filled with geraniums, a hanging basket or a set of timeless bay trees either side of the door. Roses that ramble and fragrant honeysuckle to welcome the guests. Just make sure to prune them and water to keep them in great condition.
pretty house name and number sign

A sweet door number and a new mat will make the entrance look cheery and please don't have Christmas lights up all year round, the biggest curb appeal sin ever!

Have you updated the curb appeal of a house in order to sell or just to improve the look? 

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