Tuesday, 25 August 2015


little black terrier asleep
I opened the garden door to let my terrier out for his usual business duty yesterday and he shot off into his shrubby area. I heard a funny scuffling noise, craned my neck from the doorstep and saw the bushes moving frantically. Then nothing. Silence. 

My other dog was more interested in the piece of cheese I was still holding for their snack and seemed unaware that we were about to embark on a mini adventure of the stressful variety.

Quickly I grabbed my boots and darted out into the back garden. To my horror, the fence was bowed out at the bottom creating a convenient terrier sized gap. He had gone.

Of course, my son wondered what was happening and was now crying. I was rushing around wondering what to do. Shouting Billy! Billy! , looking through the window. The pair of us were not even dressed properly so I'm trying to get my son to cooperate and get ready to start searching the streets. Pure panic set in. Couldn't find the door key etc..... trying to put shoes on my son and my hands are shaking. 

Other dog was now wildly running around the rooms, realising that her best bud had absconded. I looked at my phone, a missed call from a number I didn't know. Seconds of realisation, his collar disc, my phone numbers are on it. Please let it be......

Hello. Hello. 'Do you have a dog called Billy?' The relief surged through me replacing a million fears that had been racing through my head in just a few minutes. Minutes of what if I never see my scruffy, wiry chap again. My little smelly friend that licks your hand and snuggles your cheek.

'He's here, don't worry, I've got him'

Leash in hand we tromped up the road, same side of the street just many doors down. There he was being carried in a ladies arms with two smiley girls by her side.

The lady has four dogs and was also looking after her neighbours. She was opening the door to take them all out for a walk and Billy had shot in. He's friendly isn't he, she said. The girl giggled that they were amused to have had six dogs in the house. 

I was so grateful, to lose your dog even for moments is horrendous. As I tried to take him home, he dug his paws into the pavement like a stubborn mule. He wanted to go back to the party it seemed.

So there we go. The day the dog decided he wanted to go see some friends for a doggy get together. 


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