Friday, 29 November 2013

Love Your Appliance

The Vacuum Cleaer Family Tree

I have recently been researching my family tree and I started wondering about if objects had a sort of family tree too. We have recently bought a green Harry Hoover but he has had many forefathers that have blitzed the dust bunnies and dog hair before him. Here they are:

There were the brothers Vax pet hair vacuums that were my vacuum of choice for years. No vaccum bags to buy! Both met untimely ends. My last one had a wheel that dropped off, a handle that broke and was taped up, a motor than only started up when you kicked it and a broken nozzle. He hung on and hung on but in the end it was off to the dump. His older brother, the same type, had an unfortunate incident whilst sucking up a puddle of water. Not recommended.

Uncle Dust Buster and Aunt Dirt Devil were once all the rage and handy for those smaller areas and crumbs left after the dog had been eating its tea. However, they were hardly used as after hours of charging they lasted about 3 minutes and we just ended up using the main vacuum. Both took early retirement at the back of the cleaning cupboard.

Nana Ewbank is the practical and stylish homely old lady. If she could she'd be wearing flowery dresses and eating cake. She's robust and still working - push and pull, whirr, whirr. In fact she is still at my nana's house.

Great Grandad is the old upright with the stiff upper lip and I only vaguely remember him as a child along with Great Grandma Hoover - an old thing that was heaved around the house and made the dog hide under the kitchen table. Daddy Bird as a child would trail the wire down the stairs, tie his action man to it and press the cable wind button to make Eagle Eyes shoot up the mountain (stairs). 

I use my vacuum every day with two dogs and a small child creating dirt in the house and I couldn't be without it. With crevice nozzles and my floor tool I sing as a vac, the dog runs off and Little Bird dances to it, the noise of the vacuum is like music to him. When he was younger he would burst into tears when I turned it off or I could vac away and the noise would send him to sleep!
This appliance gets my seal of approval!

This blog post is my  entry into the Tots100/PartSelect ’Love Your Appliance’ competition


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