Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Air Wick Essential Pearls Candle Review

I love candles especially really nice scented candles so I was pleased at being able to try out a new candle by Air Wick,  the Essential Pearls candle in Amber Mandarin Glow.
Amber Mandarin Glow Candle
Upon opening, you could smell the spicy orangey mandarin and the candle is like a gel and reminded me of orange jelly. The pearls you can see in the candle are infused with essential oils and as the candle burns down, the fragrances are released into the room. I like to have pretty candles all over the house and scented ones are great with two dogs and a small child creating smells during the day :) It cheers me up to have a candle burning on these dark wintery days and a smell evocative of Yuletide spices wafting around. 
Essential Pearls CandleThe candles are available in other scents too such as Scarlet Frosted Mulberry and have a burning time of up to 35 hours. It's in a cute glass container and looks very nice sat on the side near my fireside sofa where I sit in the evening. The candle retails between £4 and £8 and is available in most supermarkets. I used it all weekend and I've still got plenty left so it's burning fine and evenly. The smell is not too overpowering and you can clearly smell it when you walk back into the room. I thought this was a very nice warming smell for this time of year and made me think of drying oranges in the oven to make Christmas decorations with.
Air Air Wick provided me with an Essential Pearls candle for the review but it is my own honest opinions and all the words and pictures are my own.


Lemonade Budget said...

I keep seeing these candles and wondering what they're like. They certainly look very pretty x

Happy Homebird said...

They're very nice, especially for this time of year. x

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