Sunday, 3 November 2013

Bonfire Black Peas

Lancashire Bonfire Black Peas
 I spotted a bag of black peas on the end of supermarket aisle and have to admit that I had not heard of them before. But since they were nestled with the parkin and treacle toffee, I assumed that they must be a seasonal dish so being a lover of traditions, I chucked a bag in my peas A quick bit of research at home and I discover that they are in fact a traditional Lancashire dish that is made around Bonfire Night. You soak the black peas (also known as maple peas) overnight in water and then boil them until soft. Add salt and vinegar and they're really tasty - like mushy peas basically.
 photo add-salt-and-vinegar_zpsaf232260.jpgSo here is my new tradition - not one that my 3 year old fancies at the moment but it makes me happy. I am really into regional foods and the stories behind them. These black peas were apparently also served at fairgrounds in places like Rochdale, Bury and Wigan. I have enough Lancastrian blood in me that I feel very at home with this dish. Look out for them in the shops at the moment. bonfire Bonfire Black Peas
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Gillian Roe said...

I too am fascinated by local food traditions and hadn't heard of bonfire black peas until this time last year. I've lived in Leeds for 13 years now and only recently twigged that parkin is local bonfire night food! I'm clearly a bit slow on the uptake, but I'll be baking some this week. x

Unknown said...

Love love love the logs! What a fab idea! Looks so Autumnal too. Thanks so much for linking up! xx

Jenni said...

Ahhhh I'm from Lancashire and I didn't know that people DIDN'T have black peas on bonfire night! The first time I spent bonfire night with my husband's family (from Milton Keynes), I couldn't believe they didn't have hotpot, black peas and parkin! I have since made it tradition that I supply these foods to his family that weekend! x

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