Monday, 4 November 2013

Cambridge - For the love of bike riding

From time to time I imagine living elsewhere and start to look into what the options may be. I long to live somewhere a little more cultured than my own town, with galleries, coffee shops and beautiful scenery. I often have a look at estate agents in Cambridge , for this is the top place for a Homebird residence if I were one day brave enough to up and move. The biggest draw is a place where I could ride a pretty bicycle around and feel at ease - if I were to do this around my small town I would seriously get some strange looks. I know it's only riding a bicycle with a basket on the front but believe me, it just wouldn't be worth the stares.

Not only could I ride my bike without a second glance, I could also be around some of the most wonderful architecture such as the King's College Chapel and the Bridge of Sighs. Cambridge would make me feel instantly inspired to write and draw, a place where I feel my dreams could come true. 
{Picture source: Cambridge Boat Crew, Flickr}

I'd take a stroll down cobbled streets and mingle with the students, perhaps sitting by the River Cam for the afternoon with a book. I imagine that it autumn it must look absolutely breathtaking as the trees change colour.  The book shops would lure me in to mooch around on a cold, Saturday afternoon and it certainly would be a most perfect place to people watch whilst having a cappuccino. I am planning a visit before Christmas so I can live my dream for the day and who knows what the future has in store......

Do you love Cambridge too? Are you lucky enough to live there? Any suggestions for my day trip?

Disclosure: Blog post collaboration, words are my own. Picture credited as above to Flickr.


Unknown said...

I love Cambridge too but haven't been for quite some years, there is a college in the University, i think it might be Fitzwilliam that has a museum, it's like a treasure trove. Enjoy your day

Happy Homebird said...

@Nicola C Oh thank you for that recommendation, I'm adding that to my list.

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