Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pests in your home

I love all creatures, every little insect, mammal or bird but when it turns into a pest situation I imagine it isn't a pleasant experience. Recently I was visiting a church to record the ecology within the churchyard and up above could see a swarm of wasps around a papery nest on the corner of the roof. How angry they looked, this buzzing black ball and I'm sure the congregation would not be happy about them as potentially wasps can cause very bad allergic reactions to their stings. It is bad enough when the wasps are out in force at this time of year looking for sugary food but to have a nest full is a nightmare and removal has to be done very carefully by people that are protected and know what they are doing.

I can vaguely remember  having a wasp's nest in my childhood home and with children and pets in the house this needed removing quickly. Not to be attempted by yourself of course, best to leave to the experts as wasps are pretty aggressive. Professionals like Axatax will sort the problem quickly for you and offer a range of pest removal services from rodents to bird proofing buildings - the mess that pigeons make on buildings can be a real eyesore. When I am working around amazing architecture and the bird poo is piled up, it is not very nice at all and is a health hazard.

Here are some horrible facts about pests to impress people with your knowledge of:

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