Saturday, 12 September 2015

How Grey Can be Great

The colour grey has earned a bad rap over the years. We associate this colour with everything negative, scary or dismal in our lives: gloomy weather, sharks, mould, freezing temperatures, pollution and bad moods. However, grey can be a beautiful and versatile colour to work with, especially in your home. Here are a few ways that grey can be grey-t (forgive the pun, it was just too easy…). 

Neutral does not equal boring
grey sofa

Unfortunately, ‘neutral’ is often code for ‘boring.’ Many of us get intimidated at the thought of making a statement with our interior d├ęcor because we don’t want the costly chore of redecorating something that didn’t work out. That’s where grey comes in: the beauty of this colour is that it’s subtle enough to put anywhere – the walls, the floor, even your furniture (like the above piece from Fishpools sofa collection) – but still makes a definite statement. Play with gradients, blending varying shades of light and dark grey for a refined effect.

Make accent colours pop
Grey is the perfect backdrop for colour accents like cushions, artwork, curtains or any other decorative pieces. It provides a less drastic contrast and seamlessly complements different shades without overwhelming the room.
satin cushions

Grey works especially well with the cool tones in blues and greens, and brings a bit of an edge to pastel shades. Try pairing this plumsatin cushion with a grey chair or sofa for a regal effect.

Pattern it perfect
Don’t be shy when it comes to patterns – grey is the ideal choice when it comes to off-setting a bold look. Geometric, angular patterns work best as they add a sophisticated air to any interior. This yellow patterned cushion from La Redoute is an absolute essential: the yellow stands out against the grey and the playful prints keeps things from being too dull.

Indulge in industrial chic
Play up grey’s sleek, almost industrial vibe with chrome and silver accents. A hanging wall mirror like these from Mirror Outlet is not only an easy way to add some flair to your walls, it can create the illusion of expansiveness – great for those working with limited space! 

Come over to the grey side
yellow chairs

When it comes to interior design, grey is your best friend. It comes in so many different variations – warm, cool, dark, light – and works flawlessly with almost every shade, from deep purples to canary yellows. It’s time to stop associating grey with the clouds that ruined your picnic and start thinking of it as the colour that gave your home a chic makeover. 

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