Friday, 11 September 2015

Collecting autumn treasure

autumn spider Stepping into the garden as its colours start to fade and spider's weaving webs across every walkway. Be careful for you may find yourself dancing about the lawn trying to rid yourself of them from your hair.

Gather late summer flowers and drying hydrangeas for the home. Mind the snails and leave some berries for the blackbirds.

Find a feather or two. Barn owl and rook. Stripy brown and a shimmering navy blue sheen. Soft beauty and pretty textures to add to the mantle nature display for a little boy to look at, feel and learn.
garden hydrangea feathers and hydrangeas conkers Late summer walks with chestnuts on the floor already, padded cases and tiny conkers inside.

The joy of randomly stopping to look whilst in the countryside. Observing the leaves already changing colour, patches of trees turning yellow with streaks of umber. Noticing how some trees change quicker than others.
autumn purples conkers and seashells collecting feathers Treasure to take back into the home and arrange for a splash of colour and to inject late summer magic into the rooms. horse chestnut horse chestnut turning into autumn colours


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