Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blood moon

country fields at dusk We had a ladies day exploring the countryside, looking at art, laughing at silly jokes, had lunch outside a castle in Wales and then coffee in another castle. In between that we tried on helmets, chatted with ladies camped in car parks, photographed gardens and then chased the Hunter's moon.....

As we drove along, suddenly the moon peeped over some houses and we all whooped at the wonderful sight in the dusky sky. Down winding country lanes we travelled until we got our camera shot. Then we simply admired the beauty of the blood moon rising, huge and imposing on the night sky. It was an enchanting evening that I'll always remember.
white gates at Chirk mere in Shropshire twilight Ellesmere Shropshire Ellesmere Shropshire Blood moon Harvest super moon


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