Thursday, 24 September 2015

A little autumn gothic garden

early autumn garden National Trust Colby Woodland Garden Through a gate and into the walled garden filled with lush leaves and gothic elements that poked their faces around water spouts and sat brazen amongst fuschia filled beds. The surrounding woodlands formed the most amazing backdrop of a descending autumn curtain; pops of yellow and russet, beautiful but if only I could see in another months time.

The garden feels like a little secret, a set of little rooms leading the eye on and on. The main show is the unusual water rill that cascades down, flanked by heathers, grasses and herbs and attracting the attention of children with small sticks - a race down the rapids.

Some ducky friends dibbled and dabbled under apple trees and my boy was a happy little sprite, a touch of the autumn magic perhaps?
turquoise hydrangea sleep hydrangeas in the sun water rill pink flowering shrub ducks in the garden tree lichen pink ornamental shrub walled garden Amroth garden sculpture hips looking at the flowers fuschia damp garden planting leaf drops garden running garden statue autumn tree
The walled garden at Colby Woodland Gardens in Amroth, Pembrokeshire - owned by the National Trust.

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