Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summertime Interior Designs

I know that spring is the time of year when I like to get sprucing up at home with a makeover or two. However, it is in the summer that I tend to sit back and think about the ways in which I'd really like to redesign on a grander scale. Okay, so not every idea that I have designs on sees it to fruition, but there is something about the summer which gets those creative juices flowing. If you are anything like me, then it is the feeling of everything being easier and more relaxed outside in the summertime which you want to bring indoors and incorporate as part of the home's d├ęcor.

Floral Motifs
Summer flowers are not just for the garden. Few things say summertime in the way that a floral display does, but why stop with a bunch of cut flowers placed in the living room's vase every couple of weeks? These days, modern floral wallpaper is so much more contemporary looking than it used to be. There is no need to think of twee designs that are more suited to a granny flat than a modern home when it comes to the latest in floral design. In my opinion, the thing to look out for is not to overdo the use of floral wallpaper, especially taking care not to fit the busier styles in smaller rooms like corridors. Instead, the use of a bold floral design makes a statement in a dining room or a lounge, but only paper one wall – or two, at most – and use the floral design to make a feature wall of summertime sensations.
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Let the Light Flood
In the summer months, enjoying the natural light should not always mean having to go outdoors. Sliding patio doors have their place, but I think that bifolding doors are the best way to go when it comes to connecting an internal living space to the outside, especially when they are fully opened on their runners. In many types of home, they look particularly good when creating a single floor space between internal hardwood flooring and decked areas outside. However, having seen how much reflected light can be lost with hardwood frames, I'd prefer to install aluminium framed bifold doors. The frames can be painted to match the interior design prior to fitting, which means they blend in seamlessly.

Let's Get Shiny
Shiny and reflective surfaces are likely to be one of the trends that home design and furniture makers will try and tempt us with this summer. This means the extensive use of metal and ceramic detailing, but I think that natural stone surfaces and coloured glass will be increasingly on-trend, too. This summer, I'm on the lookout for mirrors with bevelled edges to get the fashionably shiny look. There have to be few modern interior design trends that make such a festive and attractive home interior look.

**Guest post written by Jems Gooding**


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