Thursday, 28 May 2015

A happy home tour

sofa cushions My little home is full of  comforts, it's truly homely with lots of blankets and cushions, two dogs usually snoring and a vanilla candle always burning. There's quite a mix of colours around the house, from having a very beige and minimalistic taste in my twenties, my thirties became an explosion of colour, of collecting and eclectic style.
Home Sweet Home
I like surrounding myself with items that I've collected on my travels, from city trips and holidays to the seaside. You'll always find a jar of shells or some bunting strung up and when there is a memory behind the item, all the better. The cross from the magical afternoon at Hereford Cathedral, the jaunty flags from an honesty stall in sunny Cornwall, a wooden sword from Warwick Castle. Trinkets and souvenirs inspire me, encourage my dreams and well, I like collecting and items that reflect my interests in the British Isles, history and books.
Book Map summer mantle
A friend say my house was like a museum for all it's pieces arranged on the dresser or in the printer's tray and I was secretly pleased. Every month I like to decorate my mantlepiece according to the season so in autumn it becomes a conker and acorn filled shelf with cinamon candles and through the summer you'll find postcards, pinwheels and flowers from the garden.

It's fun to change the feel of a room so easily and I try and do it on a budget with being self employed and watching the pennies. I have a dresser cupboard full of different vases, pictures and knick knacks that I drawn up and items frequently get upcycled. My dining room chairs were old wooden chairs bought off eBay and they've just been updated with pastel paint. I actually hate the process of going out and buying furniture so being able to use what I've already got makes me happy.
seashells flowers in a mini vase
I love a bit of vintage and kitsch too, so I'm always on the lookout for quirky items at charity shops and vintage fairs. That kind of shopping I do not mind! I've started collecting Care Bears recently after seeing an idea on Pinterest where they were stored in a big glass jar on a shelf. kitsch printers tray collection With having a lot of homewares I like to keep the walls white so that they stand out and also to fill the house with more light. The back of the house can be a little dark but I've also painted the wooden floor white too and it's made such a difference. I always have a tin of white eggshell on the go, it's my favourite paint. The printer's tray is going to be painted window The most recent spend on the home was the white glittery granite worktops. Previously they were wooden but had become rotten and well passed their prime. The granite was expensive but absolutely worth it. Again, it has scattered light and brightness around the rear of the home and looks great with the blue painted shelves and white cupboards.

My home feels like such a tranquil space but one that helps me to feel creative and happy. I'm more inclined to want to read one of my books rather than worry about the dust too much!
kitchen shelf
white kitchen
This was my home tour for the Direct Blinds Inside my Home feature.


Stephs Two Girls said...

Fascinating! and I don't think I've ever tried a gooseberry. must change that!

Jaime Oliver said...

oh wow i adore gooseberries :-) .. its on a par with rhubarb in my book :-)

mummyslittlemonkey said...

Gooseberries always remind me of childhood, as my grandparents had a big bush of them in their garden. We used to sneak out and steal them as soon as they were ripe - I guess the Gooseberry Wife wasn't doing her job properly... ;)

Ness said...

I bought a nearly dead twig of a gooseberry bush many years ago for 10p. It's grown into a lovely healthy bush but I have only got two years worth of gooseberries off of it. I love the old gooseberry sayings.

Globalmouse said...

Our gooseberry bush has gone absolutely crazy and I think we're in store for a bumper crop!!

Thou Shalt Not Covet said...

I love the sound of the gooseberry championships!!

Susan Mann said...

What a great picture. x

Helen Peakle Pie said...

We use goosegogs here all the time! Must get a new goosegog bush for the garden!

Vaichin@RamblingThroughParenth said...

This made for interesting reading, all the fun gooseberry trivia.

Chez Mummy said...

Nice photo. I hadn't heard about 'going gooseberry' before.

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