Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Gallery: Landscape

As I travel about the UK, it always amazes me how the landscape changes from area to area quite dramatically at times. From moorland with heathers and gorse by rocky outcrops, to the dune slacks we found recently in Cornwall. But my personal favourite landscape is rolling green hills intersected by hedgerows, trickling streams and tree lines. An undulating carpet of green that has tales to tell amongst the hamlets and farms dotted about.

{Clun, Shropshire. Go here for castle ruins, walks to Offa's Dyke and an annual Green Man festival}

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery


bettynz said...

What a great piece of art and history. I love things like that and would end up looking all over town for them!

Ness said...

I'm a bit of a sucker for things like this and I know if I had seen it I would have taken a photograph as well. I've just looked into the history of the brewery and it looks like another that got swalloed up by Whitbread. Can you tell my husband and father are real ale buffs?!

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