Thursday, 9 April 2015

Holiday preparations

So with Easter been and gone but chocolate still lingering I am now into holiday planning mode. Off to Cornwall very soon which is very exciting and I can't wait to explore a whole new area of the country to me.

I'll have a huge ticklist no doubt. Not being one to ever still still and I mean EVER, I'll have us rockpooling, exploring, scrambling down rocks, finding old churches and looking for quirky places like waterfalls and duck ponds with resident saxophone players

I also will have a list of items I have to collect, I'm such a magpie. Have to find a nice pebble or two, interesting shells, maybe a fossil or a pressed flower found on a coastal walk. Food goods too, local speciality treats (cake!) and bags of tat like flags and pirate/seaside related junk. Love it! I use the latter to create corners of the garden that T will like to play in. The secret passage in the garden is a bit of a pirates cove but it always needs adding to every year. I am absolutely going to be on the lookout for a St Piran's flag and a local folklore book, I have to immerse myself in places and soak every last drop up. The more knowledge the better.

In the run up to the holiday I have so much to do. I need to order T some waterproofs just in case the Cornish coast decided to rain on us, order a GoPro - finally! and make sure all my clothes fit. Eeek! Always a tough one but I've been massively dieting now and shedding pounds so that my summer clothes will fit after a winter's pigging out. I'm also just having my teeth done. I had an accident a few years back and broke a tooth but was never satisfied with the end result so this year have invested in my smile. Final session is next week and then voila a smile I will be extremely proud of. I'm really into teeth after all my catastrophe and have looked at all sorts of techniques available these days and how massively improved dental technology is now. My bottom row are slightly buckled, so now the top row are nearly complete, I'll be looking at something like invisalign london to get them straightened out eventually. 

Other than that, maybe a last little clothes shop for T's shorts and a few cheap t-shirts. I am beyond excited at getting away. Adventure is the driver for me in life and without it I am miserable. The dogs are coming along too and that makes me happy to see their tails wagging at all the new sights and sounds. We are staying in Perranporth so any little bits of advice on where to visit would be most welcome ;) 

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