Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dyfi Furnace

Dyfi Furnace, Wales
Travelling through Wales, just through Machynlleth we found a wonderful old building harking back to industrial Wales called Dyfi Furnace. There's a free carpark opposite and it was perfect as a stopping place to stretch our legs especially our two dogs. 
Dyfi Furnace water wheel
The furnace has been here since 1755 and its purpose was to smelt iron ore. 
In later years it was a timber mill and the water wheel you can see was the restored mill's wheel. The building itself is not open to explore but it does make a nice little treasure to stop at look at for a while.
Dyfi Furnace waterfall
 The waterfall literally thunders down, part of the river Einion and I had such a tight grip of Little Bird. I was quite glad to get back to the car for as picturesque as it was, some of the edges made me feel quite queasy!
Dyfi Furnace
Keep that lead tight! There's my girl keeping an eye on me as she always does. 
A beautiful place if a little precarious with a young child. 
Dyfi Furnace


Angel Jem said...

The waterfall looks so wonderful! There is something magical about them isn't there?

Happy Homebird said...

Yes, I can imagine the water sprites hanging out here for sure. It was beautiful.

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