Thursday, 2 April 2015

Castle Gardens Leicester

Castle-Park-Leicester Well due to the hideous weather of dull days, chilling to the bone coldness with gusts of wind sending half the garden pots in different directions like skittles, I am looking back to the warm day we had in Leicester doing King type things and immersing ourselves in Medieval history.

In between waiting for His Royal Richardness we visited Castle Gardens. Sunshine. Proper Spring. Now departed almost as soon as the tombstone was placed but no matter, this was our day and one that will always stay with me. And I nearly didn't go! Had one of those weird wake up at 3am moments and thought got so much work to do, best stay home but the sun through the curtains said, 'Ah forget the work, get to the Midlands'

Castle-Park-plaque king-in-the-park The City was buzzing, people were happy with the celebrations taking place, exploring lovely Leicester and soaking in the atmosphere.
Castle Gardens are by the River Soar/Grand Union canal and it is the site of the old Leicester Castle, a Norman castle with motte and bailey but little remains now. You can climb up the steps of the old motte, a raised mound of earth basically, for a great view of the Leicester rooftops and the St. Mary de Castro church.
blue flowers View-from-the-motte-at-Leicester blossom-curtainHere is the Great Hall, within the castle bailey but with many modern alterations. The building was used as a county court house until 1972 and the building is still open on certain days to look around at the old cells and remnants from the Victorian era.The-Great-Hall-Leicester Spring-shadows steps-up-to-Leicester-castle-motte  The gardens have a rockery area, pleached fruit trees and many blossom trees, a quiet retreat away from the busy streets and I felt that lovely free feeling after winter. Spring is here, the birds are tweeting, the feint buzz of a bee in the air and a hum of contentment. I think Spring got the memo that there was a King in town. pink-blossom palms
Leicester-Castle  Castle-Gardens-Leicester pleached

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lilmuselily said...

what a fun sunny day surrounded by beautiful flowers you had! hope april is filled with sunshine and warmth for you

Amy J said...

Lovely photographs, I felt I was there on that lovely spring day :-)

Louisa said...

How lucky to get to join in the celebrations in Leicester (although is celebrations the right word?) and to visit such lovely gardens.

Catherine @ Growing Family said...

Well the sunshine through the curtains was right, you would have missed a wonderful Spring day! Love the blossom pictures.

Nell@PigeonPairandMe said...

What incredible pictures! And amazing that you were able to be there at such an historical time.

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