Thursday, 29 May 2014

May endings

black and white flowers lilac
I cannot believe it is the end of May. There has been some lovely warm days and some horrid wet ones but the garden  at my parent's house is looking lush. There are plenty of flowers out from Lilacs to the huge yellow Dreaming Spires roses that grow up the front of the house. wild style front garden yellow thistle type flowerTheir front garden is rather wild and woolly. It's pretty much left to its own devices and flowers have self seeded and bulbs multiplied over the years. It doesn't look messy at all and is  low maintenance style. Many years ago it was a small lawn but Dad got tired of all the upkeep. Now it is filled with bluebells and will have delphiniums towering soon.strawberry plants jack russell garden helper Welsh poppy
In the greenhouse the plants have all grown so much. There have been some casualities due to the cheeky woodmice and a few snails but all in all from peppers and tomatoes to strawberries, it is all taking form and he should have a good harvest come late summer.Such a lot of growth since April and so pleasing to see your hard work pay off.secret garden brindle dog strawberry plant in flower Whilst removing branches from an overgrown conifer, Dad found an old bird's nest. So perfect in construction and empty aside from some pink blossom petals. He has moved it further up the tree in the hope it will be used again next spring. I wonder who it belonged too? Maybe a blackbird? Soon Dad will have a brand new shed under here to replace the old one. I'm trying to convince him to paint it cream and make it look pretty.He's old school though - a shed is a shed, for storing tools. Not for bunting and prettiness. Pah!old nest yellow rose
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Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


Stephanie Robinson said...

Lush is such a good word for May but like you can't believe it's almost over!

AnnieMammasaurus said...

Ha ha sounds like grandad - he's not one for the prettiness - it's all about the functionality! Love these photos - especially the top one and the dog in the greenhouse. Woah next time it's going to be June *mind blown*
Thanks for joining in again lovely lady !

weald said...

lovely photos! I wish our borders looked like that… we only started this year though so I'm sure they'll fill out! gorgeous doggy too!

Leanne ( said...

hehe how cute is that dog! lol #HDYGG

emma said...

You are right, this May has been rather a month of extremes, as far as the sun and rain are concerned. It seems to have done your garden proud, though.
I love your greenhouse!
Emma :-)

Mama Syder said...

Beautiful photos. What a gorgeous border x

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