Friday, 9 May 2014

My healthy eating mission

In preparation for summer I have started on a diet plan ensuring that I am eating plenty of fruit and vegetables every day. I have started back on the exercises from doing kettlebells to attending a local bootcamp. For my exercise to have the greatest effect on slimming my body and losing the muffin tops I am determined to eat sensibly. 
Every day for lunch I want to prepare a salad and try to mix and match it with extra ingredients such as beans, sweetcorn or lentils. I can be so rushed at lunchtime with Little Bird by my side wanting my full attention that I can be naughty and grab a bag of crisps and a few biscuits.Obviously that is not going to help my aim of being svelte and fit so I need to be better organised.

Florette salad in its handy bags or bowls would make it quicker and easier for me to put a healthy meal together. Florette have many handy lettuce leaf mixtures to choose from whether you like your salad crunchy, spicy or sweet. Leafy greens are great to add to green smoothies, I drink a lot of these now so having a bag of prepare salad is a huge time-saver.

Personally I love the peppery taste of rocket and what I aim to do is to make some salads in a jar every morning, adding lentils or chickpeas, sweet cherry tomatoes, a light home-made salad dressing and whatever vegetables are currently in the fridge. Hopefully preparing a jar a day will keep the snacks at bay and I'll see some results for my healthy eating efforts.

Last night I did 45 minutes of kettlebell exercises at a local gym and today is the same again at an outdoor bootcamp. I am going to start tracking my journey to fitness on the blog in the hope that it will spur me on even more. It is so hard to make changes and particularly when the weather goes a bit colder like today, the temptation for hot buttered toast is high. I go on holiday soon and would like to lose a few pounds for that to have a bit of breathing room in my jeans.

Here goes! I'll keep you informed.

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