Friday, 23 May 2014

The Temple Water Garden

garden around a lake water ferns This is the second instalment of our visit to Cholmondeley Castle Gardens after our first exploration. The Temple Water Garden is simply stunning and we had a lovely stroll around, over bridges, passing mini waterfalls with mysterious rock faces and playful cherubs.  This place oozes romance. bridgeThe marginal plants were such imposing structures. Huge waterside ferns unfurling. Wonka-esque long stalked pink pom-poms of the Indian rhubarb (Darmera peltata) and the Gunnera with its huge umbrella marsh plant pink flowers gunnera plant garden cherubs pink shrub flowers So peaceful. The castle was a hospital during the Second World War. It was after then that the gardens were planted to be what they are today. You don't want to walk fast here, you need to step, gently, feeling the breeze and listening to the waterfalls and the echoes of a bygone era.ornamental lake Cholmondely Castle Text book garden design, the eye led further on, always wanting more. tulip walk 
I love my favourite pink tulips planted en masse. pink tulips
And I love a fairytale castle to gaze at through purple flowers and a framing trees. I wish we could look inside but it is still a family home, so no peeking. pretty castle gardens magnolia dainty purple flower castle Out from the castle to the surrounding Cheshire Plains. Such amazing views and a perfect picnic place to come back to in the summer and to see how the planting displays have changed. English landscape
Pop over to Mammasaurus for some gardening delights.
Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to visit. your photos are gorgeous!

BBJglittermines said...

Hey thanks! Needed these hex codes for an art series we're working on. (The Grace Jones portrait looks amazing with the neon pink background.)

AnnieMammasaurus said...

Oh lovely and I can just imagine as you say it's a place to amble as opposed to stride. Loving those pink flowers, they look like they have little jewels on the flower petal tips.
All I need now is a stately home and I'm sorted!

Thanks ever so much for joining in again x

Jane Burkinshaw said...

I went to Cholmondley (tricky to spell and say!) years ago but really would love to go again. Going to wait till the school holidays now as lots will be in flower. Lovely photos and words again. :-)

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